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Jeramiah Dooley

Especially in the federal space, we are seeing the "SP for SPs" more and more often, just as a way to cut through some of the red tape. At the high end, wouldn't some of the acquisitions that we've seen (think Verizon/Terremark) be another means to this same end? If the infrastructure isn't your core competency, buy it, build it or outsource it...

Ironically, geting to close to the customer can sometimes be bad for the customer. Hopefully SPs don't abstract themselves from the platform that delivers their service to the degree that they lose the ability to communicate at that level. For most SPs the initial contract is signed by the CFO, but the incremental change orders that make up the meat and potatoes of the SP business model are usually driven by IT/line-of-business owners. Part of the challenge is making sure you heed all the masters. :-)

Chuck Hollis

Good point Jeramiah ... at the end of the day, any SP is accountable for the entire customer experience, regardless of how many underlying services are used to deliver that experience.

Funny, the same thing is true of any enterprise IT organization as well ...

-- Chuck

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