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Walter Adamson

No doubt we're on the verge of one the most interesting new industry transitions and there are going to be lots of new players, business models and partnerships. On this one, I'd certainly say "congrats" to DiData's shareholders, they've always done well because DiData is astutely managed.

On the other hand I can't think of an NTT acquisition that has returned any money to its shareholders, if not lost $billions. They've always overpaid and not delivered. It's disguised by the tremendous performance of NTT DoCoMo, which has managed itself to lose $billions in investments and totally bombed it's international strategy but is a highly successful telco in its home market. After all these are the guys who commercialised the "app store" more than a decade ago and have made $billions from it. One of the models Apple copied.

DiData certainly has the international and management smarts. But what Japanese integrator or would-be integrator has ever made the grade. None, although you might give Fujitsu the benefit of the doubt these days. Something happened in Fujitsu about 4 years ago and they cleared out the deadwood globally and locally and now they are doing well by all accounts. But bear in mind that they started this journey more than 20 years ago when they bought technical integration skills with the acquisition of ICL and more than 15 years ago the consulting skills with DMR. It's been a 20 year journey. Their brethren in NEC and Hitachi have failed at their attempts to become integrators outside of their "family" groups in Japan.

Regarding telcos becoming integrators, this is also a back to the future. It was a trend in the mid-80s, and failed totally with only two possible exceptions, the DT + Systemshaus effort, and BT. Both of those are history now but they did manage to survive a while whereas all the multitude of others around the globe failed.

Personally I don't think that it is any different this time, even though the mantra is that telcos are a "great partner" for selling cloud services. The reality in most marketplaces is that they are not able to sell these services to even their most unsophisticated clients, and there is a lot of nashing of teeth about channels and apps portals and why it is not performing for them.

If DiData were to run this venture then different story, but that's not the way the script reads. Good planning by the DiData Board, watch for where these guys emerge when they serve out their time.

Walter Adamson @g2m

Markus Zappolino

Didata exfolks my congrats...as i worked for the company for 8,5 years. "The best" Cisco Partner NTT could aquire, more agile than IBM and Bigger in Cisco's perspective. The best SE crowd with a lot of knowledge combined and backed up by a SP now, very different operating models and innovative "Cloud Services" will now be seen next.
NTT is becoming now one of Cisco's top 2 Global Channel Partners.
Just as history reminder, when Cisco launched its Channel Program in 1994 with its first 6 Gold Partners Worldwide, over time 4 of them been aquired in different ways from Didata, as Didata was one of the 6.
If the R&D for Services will be shared by 50/50, i think they will become a strong competitor in different countries.
So chapeau to Brett and Jeremy and rest of the Team.

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