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Chuck Hollis

Sorry, one more thought.

The article also spends some time discussing how Newsweek is using AWS.

Understandably, any external service that uses a pure opex model might be appealing to them these days: http://www.dailyfinance.com/story/media/newsweek-is-for-sale-but-buyer-will-be-hard-to-find/19465620/

-- Chuck

P. Clarke Thomas

wholly agree, that most likely they're R&D group went outside & forced Pfizer's IT dept to get inline. I've dealt with that in the past; the 1 benefit (especially for non production services) is the shift of responsibilities. If the outside service goes down (& is not network/connection related) than it's no longer ITs concern to get it up & running.

Though I understand the "this box, this chip, this storage" issue, & do have issue with it for certain apps. Shouldn't a Virtual based solution, monitor & migrate Guests to faster/slower CPUs based on their historical performance??

Chuck Hollis


With a private cloud model, it's all about the tenants being in control -- hence the enormous struggles to find a fit here between Amazon and Pfizer.

Given that thought, the enterprise IT group ought to have a say in how their "bucket of minutes" are used by an external service by setting appropriate policies -- one of which might be "migrate workloads with historical low perf requirements to a more cost-effective deployment" among other potentials.

The key point here? The tenant should decide the policy (and pay for it!), and not the service provider.

Thanks for the comment ...

-- Chuck

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