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Lloyd Poole

Wow that was a great explanation of the SSV3 works. I normally lay mine sideways but last night I stood it up and liked the sound but wow did I get complaints from the guitarist. I didn't think I was playing loud but he was copping the side speaker all night! I've learned my lesson.
Thank you
Lloyd Poole

Gary Jaskowiak

Wonderful article, thanks! When using the SSv3 with front speakers facing downward and a separate powered speaker, what is the connection scheme? MG06 to SSv3 and SSv3 Sub out to the powered speaker? Thanks again for your expertise!! Love my SSv3!!

Chuck Hollis

Gary, yep, that would be how I would do it. The sub out is actually full-range mono (X+Y) so it's perfect to send to the powered speaker. You'll have to adjust the level separately on the powered speaker, but they all have a gain knob.

Aspen Pittman

Awesome collection of tricks and tips...moving the bar on Center Point Stereo. Can't thank you enough Chuck. I'd like to send you CPS shirt, email me with your address and size!

Jeff B.

First thank you for all the great tips and advice you dispense through this blog.

Additionally, I agree with your assessment of the SS3. Every time I use the amp, I get positive comments. The size makes it look out of place, but I have NEVER BEEN HAPPIER!

I try to promote the amp every time we play. But most importantly, it makes my keyboards sound great. I also have powered speakers, but rarely need those. I have also paired it with a sub woofer on occasion, but I'm not sure if that is 100% needed.

Finally, I'm waiting for the XL version to come out.
Do I need it? IDK.
Will I order it? Without a doubt.

Tim Penn

I hadn't thought of this -- and it sounds the obvious solution :) :

The trick that works for me is simple: use a cheap amp stand, and lay the damn thing sideways, with the side-firing speaker facing downwards where it can bounce off the floor.

I use mine primarily with acoustic piano sounds (Yamaha CP4) -- and I do dial the width down a tad -- it's still gives the clearest sound I've ever had, so I'm happy. If I want to send the piano to PA in a small venue, then I just use the sub out - which is full frequency. I generally find that pianos work best if you don't try and drive a single source amp too loud on stage and let the PA do a "bit" of work. OK you loose the stereo through the PA, but it doesn't matter on acoustic piano sounds.


Thanks for the tips. Mine sounded awesome a couple of weeks ago on a gig with it on a stand side speaker firing down. Last week it sounded weird and added freaky overtones. It was a weird gig with no soundcheck and this time the amp was off stage on the same stand with the side speaker firing down but off stage. So, basically I wasn’t hearing the side firing speaker and the eq was not set. The cps must be set correctly, placed correctly or it doesn’t sound right. I’ll get it set right tonight at the next gig. I’m playing a Casio Px5s and Yamaha MX 61 through mine.

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