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September 06, 2016


Eric Singer

Hi Chuck,

I've followed your blog for probably 2 years at this point. Probably my two favorite blog posts of yours have been the following, with the first one I think kind of / sort of similar to the tone of this current post.




I actually wrote a blog post, almost entirely fueled by being forced to make Azure work for our DR needs (it doesn't do the job very well.). Its here if you or anyone else is interested, and that's a rather tame view of my thoughts and struggles with public cloud http://www.ericcsinger.com/thinking-out-loud-the-cloud-iaas-delusion/

The public cloud right now isn't a good fit for enterprise unless the enterprise is willing to change their practices, architecture and everything else to fit the cloud world. Not to mention there are still plenty of businesses that prefer a capex model, and cloud doesn't fit that model well.

I also find arguments like Justin Warren's to make me roll my eye a bit. When folks "assume" that because we run vmware, we're a "point and click" group is just pure nonsense. Even implying that that is a bad thing BTW is also nonsense without full context (see my first post about the CLI vs. the GUI). I do so many things in PowerCLI and am pretty much able to do everything related to VM deployment via PowerCLI that I can do with an AWS or Azure API. The one thing I don't have is unlimited HW, I don't lack the ability to automate with VMware.

Sukh Grewal

Here is the arithmetic of clouds from three years ago:

Jerome Lecat

Hi Chuck,

I love this post, and you bold statement that basically both VMware adn AWS are legacy! Wow. I am amazed at Werner Vogels' drive for innovation, but I totally see your point.

I also (selfishly) love the conclusion "Simply put, the world needs an IaaS that works the way enterprise IT does." Indeed this is the conclusion we came to at Scality, and our latest software is all about Enterprise features, like directories, encryption and how you manage rights and keys, and about "multiple" clouds, not public, not hybrid, but any cloud.


Disclaimer: I am the CEO of www.scality.com

Chuck Hollis

Hi Jerome, always a pleasure to hear from you.

Bold statements? Me? Never :)

Seriously, though ... AWS grew fast by targeting developers, growing web companies and non-enterprise IT computing applications.

My argument is simple: if you want to gain share in the enterprise IT market, you have to deliver a product or service that is aimed at their needs.

VMware has the opposite problem in my opinion. They delivered a product that is used in almost every data center. But in a world where people don't want to own data centers any more, they don't have a good answer.

I hope all is well for you and the Scality team!

-- Chuck

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