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December 17, 2015


Aernoud van de Graaff

Hey Chuck,

I fully agree that the future lies in a hybrid cloud solution, where workloads can seamlessly move from one environment to the other.

What I do not agree with is your statement about VMware to "ever succeeded in delivering a meaningful compatible public cloud option."

If you would have referred to AWS or to some extend Azure, I would have agreed. Little or no compatibility with the private / enterprise environment.

But looking at VMware based solutions, they are very compatible. If it runs on the private environment running vSphere, it will run on a public environment running vSphere. If you use automation software you can even deploy it exactly as you would in you private environment (including IP addresses, security and firewall settings if you make use of NSX).

I would say that the live demo, vMotioning a running application from a private cloud to vCloud Air, would be the best indication of hybridity, you could get.

I cannot comment on the Oracle cloud as I have not encountered it yet or seen what it can do in real life, but my guess is fully based on Oracle solutions and works well with Oracle workloads. Not sure how that would work with the rest....

Don't let your job and employer interfere too much with your opinion and free thinking... I know they pay the bills and there is a commercial side to your blogs, but if it becomes too commercial, you will loose credibility and that should be the strength of you blogs (if you want to you can take out this portion as it is meant for you, not for the world)

Chuck Hollis

Hi Aernoud

I would agree -- if there was such as thing as a vSphere-based cloud player in the marketplace, it would theoretically have a great deal of compatibility.

But no such thing has materialized yet. vCloud Air struggles, and the majority of smaller service providers are using non-VMware technologies mostly for economic reasons.

Can't be compatible with a cloud that doesn't exist :)

-- Chuck

Hans-Juergen Rau

Not too sure if the market really needs a hybrid could anymore – building up a hybrid cloud takes a very long time and requires an enormous invest - in the meantime pricing of public cloud offerings continue dropping, new and complex offerings are expanded continuously and do not forget the ever increasing risk of cybercrime for each and every Company

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