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October 19, 2015



Hey Chuck, quick question - on your comment

"Unfortunately, EMC and VCE punishes people for working for them in the form of a very draconian non-compete."

Sure they chanced down Donatelli but why did they just let Jonathan Martin waltz over to Pure - VERY bizarre. Don't get me wrong, I love Jonathan and worked with him at Veritas - Just curious...


Chuck Hollis

Hi Steve

Not every enforcement of the non-compete is public knowledge. I have no knowledge of Jonathan's specific situation.

And, yes, it's curious on multiple levels

-- Chuck


It's pretty simple Martin was employed in CA, Donatelli in MA

Chuck Hollis

... and that would explain things.


EMC stance may have helped its own cause, but overall its a bad practice that I believe should be not allowed in MA the same way that it is not allowed in CA. Free market should allow free competition. Good for the employees and good for the economy.


Michael Owen

A few things that I think are missed in most of the articles I see on the merger. First is financial on that there is a $20M difference in Tucci's pay by selling to Dell instead of retiring at the end of the year. In addition the EMC federated model is Joe's life's work. Tough to let Elliot come in and sell it off for the pieces.

As a ten year EMC veteran I think the biggest hurdle that has to be overcome is the culture of the two companies. In this instance the Walmart of IT has bought the Neiman Marcus. EMC was made great by the people and they stayed there because they were very well compensated. Dell's goal is to drive the value sale out of every piece of infrastructure. They are a supply chain company and not a technology company. EMC is at the opposite end of the spectrum and customers bought it because of perceived value. My gut tells me that Dell will ride the maintenance and refresh stream into the ground just as they have with EqualLogic and Compellant. Either way EMC will become a footnote in IT history just like all of the companies they used as examples for the last 15 years.


Hey Chuck, what is your take on the competition provided by Veritas- esp. now that its thrown Symantec's shackles?

Chuck Hollis

I do have to say, I've always liked the idea of a software-only storage / information mgmt company. Veritas was certainly a force to be reckoned with back in the day.

I'll certainly be tracking them going forward ...

-- Chuck

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