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February 03, 2015


Robert James

No NSX right away but it's onthe roadmap. This is a non-starter for some of us.

Chuck Hollis

Understand where you're coming from. I'm sure the team is working hard in that direction.

Mark Burgess

Hi Chuck,

From a technical point of view I really like EVO:RAIL, but commercially it looks to me like it has been designed to be very niche (i.e. I do not really see who the target market is).

Specifically I see the problems as:

1. Why are the licences tied to the hardware?
2. Why are the licences Ent+?
3. Why can we not upgrade one node at a time?
4. Why can we not have different disk specifications/upgrade them?
5. Why such low end hardware (i.e. 6 core CPUs)?

If the above could be addressed it would be so much better.

I did cover this all in a blog in more detail at http://blog.snsltd.co.uk/vmware-evorail-or-vsan-which-makes-the-most-sense/

Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

I posted the same thoughts on Chad's website so it will be interesting to see what you both think.

Many thanks

Chuck Hollis

The idea of EVO:RAIL is that it's an all-in-one appliance: hardware, software, support, etc. Utter simplicity -- at the cost of far fewer choices. For some people, that's a reasonable tradeoff.

That's distinct from the typical customize-your-own approach we already see in the market. All those choices also have the side effect of introducing additional complexity. Sounds that you're in the latter camp. All good -- same basic tech, different packaging.

However, I'm pragmatic here. I know that if the market ends up wanting something different than what EVO:RAIL does today, adjustments will inevitably be made.

Mark Burgess

Hi Chuck,

Surely the point of any product is to provide value to the customer and therefore sell on mass.

The decisions that have been made with regard to EVO:RAIL look like a sales prevention strategy.

As a minimum you need the ability to add one node at a time and bring your own vSphere, VSAN and Log Insight licences as required.

As an EMC and VMware partner based on the current solution it is very hard to recommend.

I just do not understand the logic in the decisions that have been made with regard to EVO:RAIL.

Who wins?

The customer? No, as the solution is poor value
The partner? No, as their customers will no want to buy it
Nutanix? Yes, as it will raise the profile of hyper-converged solutions

I assume by the tone of your response you do not disagree with me.

Also with regard to the EMC release it seems a bit strange that they would announce a product based on vSphere/VSAN 5.5 that includes VDP Advanced when the same week VMware announced vSphere/VSAN 6.0 which bundles the VDP Advanced features into VDP.

The world of EVO:RAIL just seems to be a mess, but as you say hopefully changes are coming (quickly I hope) which will rectify the problems.

Looks to me like the vRAM tax issue all over again.

Best regards

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