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January 06, 2015


Rich Stevens

Chuck, Totally agree on the direction to P3. Change will happen driven by new and innovative applications. Great for the customer, not as great for the vendor. If EMC wants to make money like it has in the past, then the revenue will come from P2 for near-term future. The bucket of dollars that will be spent next year will be infinitely larger for P2 than P3. Yes P3 will get the buzz and hype, just like flash did when it arrived a few years ago. But to generate revenue, the checks with lots of zeros will still be written to the P2 environment. Until that P3 sandbox grows up to become a huge beach of its own, the money just isnt there. Short-sighted? Yes, but I still want to see the same paycheck which means the company still needs to hit those same revenue targets as always. Until P3 either increases in volume or becomes far more costly, the money just isn't there. It's fun to play with the newest toy but that doesn't pay the rent. (Right now... )


"They’re on a mission to stand up an Important New Thing."

You are describing new app development - of course. So this P3 dev will impact 2% or 5%? of application development YoY and so will take time. The success stories will come in time. But you and I would laugh together over the application lock-in we see today. Sure, move existing app from platform A to B with a modest spend. But re-writing those apps for the new paradigm certainly isn't happening. Unix had so much traction because there was a wide berth on costing. I don't see the gap P3 versus P2. So new app development will be the driver not a lot of re-write.

Shawn Freeman

YES! "IT exists solely for the purpose of delivering the applications people want to use. " This is so true.. everytime we work with clients we focus on this... you can't just force apps down people's throats. They will use what they like, and you better support it or they'll find someone who will!
We've worked with accounting firms who are going through this - apps like Xero and Freshbooks are replacing Sage and Quickbooks at a rapid pace, just because people LIKE them! Check our a client story here if you're interested.. https://www.twtgroup.ca/client-story/thiessen-associates/

Mazid Umar


Very nice post and I totally agree to your points for P3. Awesome application and very useful for all customer.Your facts are right on track. Thanks for sharing this with us. I would love to share this article with my followers at Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


Mazid Umar

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