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October 06, 2014



Chuck, I differ on your opinion that "There’s something many people find exciting about following the startup scene. Me, not so much. It’s like the lottery: many play, few win." Startup is like children going to school, you never know who is going to be the next President, or an Entrepreneur, but each child has to fight the battle to reach there, and has to be nurtured for a great future hence, startup's are all great even the failing ones because they contribute to the final product the consumer gets. And it follows Darwin's theory "survival of the fittest and theory of natural selection", but it never is a lottery.

About commoditization you are right it has been always there but today why is that important to EMC because, that is happening to the Storage Infrastructure hence, EMC infrastructure has lost the significance and it will vanish like Digital, Unix, VMS, Wang, and hundreds of great technologies in the past which had served its time. No amount of marketing dollars or clout can change that.

Whatever direction the enterprise IT goes it will not go in the direction EMC infrastructure is going however, VMware and Pivotal on Commoditized hardware can be the future landscape of the Enterprise.

Mike Murphy

Theory #6 - The peer-to-peer economy mindset (speed and flexibility) is infiltrating into how IT folks like to consume technology. I guess this is really just a subset of Theory #1, and in addition to Theory #1, those startups give people options that didn't exist before and at the speed with which IT folks want to move. So it's similar to consumer technology, which is to say that it's faster and cleaner than enterprise tech.

da Tyga

Specifically about HP - they got to their present size through a series of mergers. Obviously some of those "economies of scale" and "synergies" didn't deliver so the splitting.

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