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October 09, 2014



Although I like the Idea of Federation, I am little skeptical on the cost of the development a single vendor or group of vendors have to bear, today hardware resilience is not a subject matter but the cost of development of an Idea is definitely a factor.
Let me take an example the very reason ViPR's slow in its development and in supporting various options or plugins is primarily because the development or the contribution is restricted to the EMC inside team, if ViPR was opened up as openstack it would have seen an accelerated pace of transformation. ViPR has plans of roll out, which are required today and have to mature as time goes by, again EMC's partly protecting its infrastructure business and thus hampering ViPR's pace of development. The only reason VMware or Pivotal exponentially moved ahead was because of their platform or vendor agnostic gene.

As you had written Federation and Hybrid Cloud is the way to go forward but, then Federation also needs to take into consideration the networking component which today is still by and large is restricted to few of the large networking product vendors, VMware has shown a way forward but there are many other core and edge SDN's which needs to be supported. Enterprise IT is still very paranoid on that and keeps every step forward very cautiously, very few are adventurous which they can actually by phasing out the roll out plan by segregation of the areas of innovation adoption. Contrary to that, most revenue generating public domains or orgs are better Federation adopters are pushing the SDDC into the open framework and as much as the storage is revolutionized in adoption by these providers and their networking infrastructure is also seeing a wave of change, which is not known to the Enterprise IT. Another aspect of Federation is, data protection which by and large has not seen any major upheaval, the data protection should define a totally new meaning for the word 'Protection' or 'Recovery'. The fact is most of the Enterprise truly lack it and much of the public cloud or app providers are better in it.

All in all the major factor is going to be cost of adoption & development. For the Vendors the way of gaining revenue or the development or innovation will stop. Vendors would need to let go of some norms and definitions of doing business in this space, and adopt newer models of revenue generation. For the consumers the cost of adoption has to be largely be quantified like a 'Supersize' or 'Upsize' meal, which is like more technology at lesser cost, which the Vendors have to develop, if that is not what they are serving today.

John Lavallee

Hello Chuck, Thank you for the overview and benefits you provide of "Federation" solutions. Something which has caught my attention is VMware's IT Business Operations offer. After VMware purchased Digital Fuel it seemed to have gotten forgotten in VMWare's key GTM messaging. The focus of Business Operations and financials seems to be a good fit for it. Please consider to highlight this offering in a future blog. I'd be keen to learn more about it in the context of these solutions.

Chuck Hollis

Hi John

Great suggestion! As requested: chucksblog.typepad.com/chucks_blog/2014/10/running-it-like-a-financial-business.html

John Lavallee

Hi Chuck,
Thanks!!! I just saw your latest blog and am looking forward to reading it.

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