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June 18, 2014



I cannot agree more Chuck. What Google/Facebook/Twitter and others have achieved at scale is nothing less than amazing. Reality however is indeed that the majority of companies have hundreds, if not thousands of different applications and of which the majority is provided by a 3rd party. Typically developed by 3 or 4 folks in an ancient language and chances of it evolving in the upcoming 5 years are minimal. You cannot expect those companies supporting that many applications to run their IT the same way as a company which IT is solely focused on providing this 1 (2 or 3) different services to a customer.

Mario Brum

Excellent excellent blog!..... well said!


So.... what would you say "Web Scale" means, anyways... and at what point is a business web scale? 9 or 10 web servers, and a load balancer, perhaps an Exchange server for receiving interoffice spam and possibly some applications?

Chuck Hollis

Most people consider web-scale as thousands of servers, tens of thousands of compute images, scale-out design, etc. That's how the term is being used here.

Laura Whalen

Hey Chuck, interesting perspective... I suggest you join the Web-scale Wednesday virtual event (http://bit.ly/1xEJndY) next week with Twitter and others to continue the conversation. I’m sure the audience would find your viewpoint on the topic interesting, as well, and you can probably get a good dialogue going with them in real-time.

Chuck Hollis

Hi Laura -- with Nutanix?

Sorry, I don't agree with what you're doing here, basically hijacking an industry term to market your products. I also don't do cheezy vendor webinars.

Best of luck

-- Chuck

Jason Blyth

Too true Chuck.
Large Enterprise IT reminds me of Game of Thrones sometimes.
- Jason


Great observations, Chuck. Change does happen slowly in the enterprise space. It is clear to me that most of the movement to the cloud is coming from shadow IT in situations where enterprise IT doesn't move fast enough or is unable to provide a reliable user experience.

This should fall under your category of 'we have to continually improve at what we do', but oftentimes IT is happy to let these groups take the problems off their plate and give them to Salesforce, AWS, etc.

I don't think IT will move to the cloud, it's more that IT will erode to the cloud.

Farul Ghazali

Excellent points all around, but the conclusions are the ones that's the best. Build bridges not walls. Enterprise IT is changing, but web-scale IT is changing as well. There will be a middle ground where advantages from web-scale IT can and will benefit enterprise IT. I'm looking forward to that.

Suman Debnath

Excellent prospective, even we were in some discussion with one of our business partner executive, and the the team was kinda of vouching for the same, viz. in BFS(Banking and Finance Services), specially Core banking, around 50-60% still on Mainframes and other enterprise class infrastructure :) and the field is not that savvy about changing it all by night, and I could comprehend that, the enterprise business class business people are very much smart to know the difference...


One of the best reflections I've read about how the new things in IT impacts the real world out there. Thank you, Chuck.

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