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March 27, 2014


Georg Edelmann

Hi Chuck,

I really enjoyed reading this blog entry. I’d like add a few more item for consideration :

Pick your battles

Creative people see opportunity everywhere. Learn to pick your battles. This drives me mad sometimes, but there aren't enough hours in the day to go after everything.

“Right and wrong” thinking kills creativity

It’s only human to categorize, compartmentalize, judge, etc. Be aware that this kills creativity. To be creative, people need to feel safe. That includes the safety to say something “wrong” without the fear of being judged.

Listen… I mean really listen

Be present at meetings. Listen.. test your understanding. Summarize, ask questions. God gave you two ears and only one mouth. Use them proportionally. Why ? Understanding someone else’s thoughts are the fuel to your own creativity. “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” A. Einstein.

I hope this is useful.




My EMC husband sent this to me. Your comments are spot on, encouraging and applicable to my non-corporate setting of working on various volunteer projects. Whether it be a board meeting, a parent's group, or a church committee, I always struggle to listen more, speak less, be more patient, and get a little less excited... It's a blessing to hear a kindred spirit talk about the difficult balance between creativity and conformity. Thanks

Nandan Jha

Sent by a old friend working in EMC. I worked with Legato long long time back :-)

Chuck, these are all very valuable practical speak without a flowery-lingo, easy to relate to. Thank you.

If I may add, I would suggest
- Don't get disheartened, ever, if people do not understand you. There could be zillion things stopping them. Don't every judge anyone's faculties based on their comprehension.

- Ideas are dime a dozen. There is nothing like my-idea or I-thought-about-it-first, ideas belong to those who take them to market and who execute them brilliantly, so don't be so hung up on your ideas. Share and then forget.

- And finally, read the headlines again of this post. :-) Guess they cover everything humanly possible to do in one life.

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