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June 17, 2013


Dante Smith


I really loved your latest post on "Software-Defined Storage--Where Are We?". I have gone ahead and added "Chuck's Blog" to my Flipboard. Keep writing awesome stuff, and I will keep reading it.

Ron Riffe

Chuck, as always a very thoughtful and clearly communicated post. I appreciate that you had to create your own vendor agnostic conceptual model of SDS. I wonder why you didn't choose to follow the recently published IDC taxonomy? And your choice to cover EMC, HP, and NetApp approaches left out VMware (Virsto), IBM, and Hitachi -- three vendors who have been publicly describing their point of view for longer than any of your three examples. For links to IDC's work and industry roundtables with the three vendors you missed as far back as last year, your readers can look at http://www.servicemanagement360.com/software-defined-storage-roundup/ or http://ronriffe.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/has-ibm-created-a-software-defined-storage-platform/

Chuck Hollis

Hey Ron, you're breaking the house rules here.

First, if you're affiliated with a vendor (IBM in this case), you have to declare so. That's good ethical practice. Everyone, Ron appears to write a blog on behalf of IBM.

Second, please don't post spammy links back to your content - not appreciated by me, and not appreciated by my readers.

Now, on to the substance?

I believe that IDC's definition is lacking in a few important areas. Compare and contrast their definition with mine, and you'll see the differences. I would expect them to evolve their point of view over time.

I listen closely to what *all* the vendors are saying about SDS currently.

VMware has some very good ideas, but not much product to describe at present. IBM -- nothing much in the way of an interesting point of view, nor much product to point at -- probably too busy re-thinking their approach to storage right now. And we haven't heard anything interesting from Hitachi yet.

Best wishes

Ron Riffe

Chuck, thanks for the pointers on blog etiquette. I do work for IBM and if you look back through my blog I'm only a few months into blogging - so still learning the ropes. Apologies to you and your readers if I offended.

I disagree with your portrayal of IBM though. You paint a picture of a company who doesn't have a point of view and who is busy trying to figure themselves out. Reviews of the IBM Edge conference 2 weeks ago where software defined was one of the central themes were quite positive. It's certainly fair to poke at the IBM POV and products, but to say they don't exist isn't accurate.

Chuck Hollis

Hi Ron --

I went over the publicly available Edge materials, and all I really saw were marketing talk-tracks ("themes"?) Nothing in the way of new ideas, let alone new products or technologies.

I'll stand by my earlier assessment, unless you'd care to point me to something that states otherwise?

-- Chuck

Ron Riffe

Hey Chuck, sorry for the delay. There's a lot to talk about so I decided to respond in the form of a separate post on my blog. Hope it helps. -- Ron

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