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August 27, 2012


Joe Budion

Hopefully some of these product enhancements make their way into the full version of Avamar!


VMware "selected" VDP? Just like they "selected" their new CEO? Let's just call a spade a spade. If VMware had a choice of backup product to integrate there were about a dozen solutions better than Avamar. They were given a product and told to use it. It didn't occur in a vacuum or a private room where a bunch of engineers sat down and evaluated which product would be best. I just find it laughable how you constantly "spin" things - we call that lying where I come from.

Chuck Hollis

Wow, Tim -- ever considered decaf?

Since you weren't close to the process -- and many of us at EMC/VMware were -- it wasn't the slam dunk you're making it out to be.

The VMware team is focused on doing what's best for VMware's customers and partners. Trust me, there's plenty in the EMC portfolio they haven't bitten on. And that mission shouldn't preclude selecting an EMC technology to fill a gap.

The VMware team also had plenty of different approaches to choose from when the started looking at this requirement. The EMC BRS team worked their little backsides off over several years to secure this integration point.

Nobody was "told" to do anything. That's not spin -- that's the way it works.

VMware's CEO succession was decided by VMware's Board of Directors, just like any other publicly traded company. Yes, you'll see a lot of familiar names on the roster, would you expect any different?

Personally, I consider the arrangement between the two companies good for each, and especially good for customers and partners -- and that's what they tell us.

And, finally, a bit of advice?

Before you accuse someone of lying on a public forum, you really owe it yourself to get your facts straight.

-- Chuck


"Familiar names" is an interesting way of putting it. Out of 8 members, 6 are current or former EMC employees including the chairman. So again, I stand by my comment that "VMware" did not in any way choose their CEO, EMC did. A spade is a spade no matter how many times you call it a duck. I'm not sure how you can say that with a straight face and expect anyone to take you seriously.

Now back to the topic at hand. It's kind of weird that someone from EMC was so close to this evaluation process. After all, you just told us VMware made this decision on their own. Why on earth would EMC be involved in VMware taking an unbiased look at the various backup products available to them? I'm also curious as to why VMware didn't bother engaging any of their other backup partners in this open evaluation you're claiming occurred. Since you were close to the project, I'm sure you can provide us a short summary of which products were tested, and why the other ones were not chosen. What shortcomings these other manufacturers presented and were not willing to work with VMware on correcting.

You question my facts and repeatedly imply that they're inaccurate without actually providing an ounce of substance to contradict them. Making vague references to a long drawn out comparison without so much as listing even one other competitor is a joke.

Chuck Hollis


VMware's evaluation process was run by VMware, not EMC. The decision on what to do was made by VMware, not EMC. I had acquaintances -- on both sides -- who were involved.

I'm telling it exactly as I heard it.

I feel I am under no obligation whatsoever to offer "proof" just because some anonymous dude decides to leave his emotional rant on my blog.

Take or leave my assertions as you please, but accusing me of lying because you happen to disagree with me isn't a stellar example of professional conduct.

Were you not aware that EMC owned a majority share of VMware? And that under our current economic system, ownership of a portion of a company usually entitles the owner to seats on the board?

By the way, you haven't shared your affiliation or situation, have you?

This conversation is over.

-- Chuck

Yasmin Weber

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Owen Chastain

the product is promising, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to troubleshoot failed backups. I've downloaded all the logs, but can't find any useful information.

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