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June 13, 2012



Hi Chuck
Been a while since I read your blog. Does not look like you have skipped a beat!

The big data thing has amazing potential but with short term pitfalls. I watched a company launch a huge "big data" initiative four years ago, and then...nothing. Some cloud rained on big data. Hadoop became Hadoops!

I love your tool kit analogy. As in mining, the several stages require very different skills and tools. Upstream, downstream and distribution as the Oil companies say.

Perhaps, just as in oil, we will have a few "big data" companies with a critical mass of data reserves from whom anyone can buy a gallon of useful data.

How about the following advice to companies - don't buy a big data rig and all the tools. Go to the pump and get a gallon of data - let some specialist do the prospecting, mining, refining and distribution. If you have oil in your back yard (data in your cloud?), get an oil company to drill the well and give you the royalties by marketing the value more widely.

Perhaps another billion dollar business for Google and the six others who will be the seven sisters who rule the big data world.

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