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June 30, 2011


Greg Knieriemen

Greg Knieriemen, @knieriemen, VP at Chi Corp, lover of problem solving that creates real value, Cheetos, baseball and single malt whiskey.


J Metz @jmichelmetz, FCoE guru at Cisco Systems, Inc. Avid swing dancer and lover of board games such as Settlers of Catan.

Roger Luethy

Roger Luethy, @rogerluethy, Storage Specialist with IBM, loves to see the grand picture, Photography and more

Chuck Hollis

Swing dancer? Cool. Never would have guessed!


Does it count if we know (or knew?) each other already, Chuck? Catherine Campbell, creator of random cakes, bags and service-driven storage architectures.

David K. Spencer

Dave Spencer, @davidkspencer, father, reader, game-player, occasional blogger about corporate life (at EMC), completely swamped these days trying to ship a product. I think my wife and daughter still recognize me but extended family I'm not so sure about....

Mark Rowntree

Mark Rowntree @Socialsmart Social-good developer. I produce social media and location marketing for brand experiences and corporate social responsibility. http://www.social-smart.com Working with friends at EMC to develop "A Cloud of Good" program for creating new impact with NGOs.

Scott Harney

Scott Harney @sharney storage engineer with a regional utility and. Work primarily with file access boxes as well as backup/recovery/DR/archiving but also with our FC-attached gear. New Orleanian, music nut, dog nut, food fanatic and also an avid swing dancer (lindy hop, balboa, etc)

Jerry Pezzino

Jerry Pezzino here @jerrypezzino Director of Storage/Data Management for a EMC business partner in the GREAT pacific northwest (and former EMC employee.) Avid aviation nut and masochistic Seattle Mariners fan.

Chad Pastor

Chad Pastor @cpasztor Regional Sales Director for Sterling Infosystems. A fan of motorcycles (huge fan of Triumphs) and reading blogs related to technology.

Ronaldo Yamashita

Ronaldo Yamashita @ronaldoy Analyst at ESG, responsible for Brazil and passionate for storage and cloud architectures.

Otto le Roux

Otto le Roux @ottoleroux Cisco DC & VCE Business Development Manager at Datastor, NZ. Passionate technologist. Keen dirtbiker and sports lover.

Kees Henniphof

Kees Henniphof - @keeshenniphof / http://hennip.wordpress.com - marketing fanatic and EMC watcher at NetApp in EMEA. Love this blog, your strong opinions, and the way you restlessly play around with my colleagues overseas :) Keep 'm coming!

Mark Cornell

Mark Cornell - Storage Architect with HP (Enterprise Services). Hobbyist photographer and mobile technology enthusiast.

I enjoy reading your posts Chuck -- always passionate and sincere.

Ken Ching

Ken Ching - Exec Dir Network Services - The College Board. @kenching. Daytime interests are security, collaboration, networking and NOC. Passions outside of work are wife, 9 and 7 yr old kids, road bike, and golf clubs. Love your blog as a fun way to keep up with datacenter system strategy and your perspectives on company culture, leadership, etc.


My name is Keith and I work here at EMC as a support engineer in Worldwide Technical Support/AMER SSG/Windows out of Hopkinton.
I've been following your blog since you spoke at a Town Hall meeting for our team a number of months back. Great to hear you speak to us then and about our teams in your blog.


My name is Brandon. I joined EMC shortly after their acquisition of Mozy in early 2008. I worked in that business unit for almost two years, enduring the EMC group pay cut until I was laid off in late 2009. I've since graduated with my MBA from Wharton and am still in the Tech/Consumer Electronics Industry. I've followed your blog since I joined EMC and have even exchanged an email or two with you about the EMC culture, (particularly how it contrasted with the original Mozy culture). I appreciate your thoughts and contributions to the industry.

Jake S

Jake Seitz - Enterprise Architect for CoreLogic. Chief evangelist for mobile, cloud-based services and energy conservation. Private pilot but my true passion is classic cars. Also, waiting for Chuck to come back to the west coast so we can host him at our next all-hands meeting (hint, hint)

In all seriousness this was a great thought Chuck and is something that I'll "borrow" in the future.

To everyone else, its a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to crossing paths in the future.



Sebastian Thaele - IBM SAN Support member (Product Field Engineer) for EMEA, freshman father, videogamer, pen&paper player, owner of skills so hidden they didn't even reveal to me.

Robert Clark

Robert Clark @rclark - Backup & Recovery Management at a major bank in Portland. I was a BBS guy in the '80s, and a storage guy in the '90s. Lately I've been playing with file system semantics, hypervisors, and Ruby. My hobbies at the moment are interacting with my two teenage kids, yard work, and riding my bicycle.


Asif Khan. Former vSpecialist at EMC. Currently Sr Mgr at Accenture (Technology Consulting Group). Live in San Diego. My family is my beautiful wife, 4yo son and my 14 guitars. Obsessed with Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Rush. Been reading Chuck's blog since I was a wee lad working at NetApp (shh don't tell!).

I love virtualization and started a blog about it loosely based on yours!

Twitter: @exxekhan
Blog: http://thevaporwareblog.wordpress.com
Favorite color: blue

Anthony Vandewerdt

Anthony Vandewerdt, Storage Blogger at IBM. Dog trainer, movie addict, blogger and Child Taxi driver.

Len Devanna

Len Devanna - Social Media guy here at EMC. Joined EMC from Data General - Shout out to AOS/VS!

Great meme, Chuck. Happy #SocMed day folks.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/lendevanna
Blog: http://len.devanna.com


Claudio Riefolo - I am 33 and I work as Executive ICT Consultant, I live in Italy. My interests are ICT organization, business innovation and complexity management. When I am not at work I am surrounded by four beautiful women: my wife and my three daughters. My hobbies are: reading, photography, golf and sea.

More abut me:
Twitter: @claudioriefolo
LinkedIn: http://it.linkedin.com/in/riefolo


Dan - CTO, cyclist, dad

Twitter: @danhanley
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/danhanley

Martin G

Martin Glassborow

Distant Cousin of the Duchess of Cambridge, hence Storage Royalty ;-)

twitter: @storagebod
blog: http://www.storagebod.com

twiiter: @_lukem

Hey Chuck -
Your recent visit to Sydney, not only entertained but inspired me and "enabled" me to think about IT in a completely different light, I've started to blog (well almost -), tweet and embrace all the emerging cloud technology changes upon us! I'm excited to be apart of such a exciting technology company in this time of IT transition and leading the way in the market place.

Chuck Hollis

Thanks to all for doing this. It's great!

Dave O'Donoghue

Dave O'Donoghue - Solutions Engineer @ EMC in Cork @daveodo. Avid reader of this and other industry blogs, like the “contrasting” views of the various protagonists

Amnon Izhar

Amnon Izhar - HW architect @ EMC in Hopkinton. Closely following storage and network industry blogs for a while. Been following Chuck's blog since he started blogging.

Twitter - @aizhar

Martin Hargreaves

Martin Hargreaves, Solutions Architect at VocaLink (UK payments processor). @storagemartin

doug wilkes

EMC employee, Avamar enthusiast, Mexican food lover and proud father of 2 children. I am what I am because of EMC and I love what I do because EMC is an amazing place to work. I don't have much free time because we work hard but I have friendships and a love for my customer ( yep I only have one) that makes me want to excell. Love my life and my life is EMC!!!! Living the dream every day!!!!


@NoneOneMany, aka Simon Rahilly; vSpecialist, ex-VMware, Usual Suspect, swallowed the Blue Pill over five years ago, on a mission to virtualise the world one workload at a time. Followed your blog for nearly a year, find as useful and as informative as virtualgeek (Sorry Chad!), use concepts such as cloud, Vblock and the rise of x86 with customers every week, always gets a good response. Keep doing what you're doing!


According to my short Twitter bio: I fill out web forms. I work for VCE. I advise AwayFind. I enjoy life. I play guitar. I think. I blog. I breathe. I am. This assumes eventual consistency.

Aruna Premasiri

I’m Aruna Premasiri and used to be a busy Solaris hands-on guy, now a pre-sales for HDS value added distributor in the Middle East. Love reading and meditation for relaxation.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sunaruna


Major Alexandra Larsson, Concept Lead for Intelligence and Knowledge Management at the Joint Concept Development and Experimentation Centre in the Swedish Armed Forces. A core component of our experimentation platform for high-level staff work is based on EMC Documentum technology. Living in Stockholm, Sweden and just love things with those Apple's on and can't keep myself from the occasional movie project.

George Dai

George Dai, engineering manager with Jabil, hardware developer for external storage system. Love the informative and insightful analysis of storage technology in this blog. I love movie, music and internet.

Chris Kranz

Chris Kranz @ckranz Principal Solutions Architect at Kelway UK where I specialise in storage and virtualisation. Really got the Cloud bug and looking to help deploy our own and help our customers move towards a Cloud architecture. Love old cars, self defence, the family and a wide variety of music. Recently built a traditional tandoor oven in the back garden, so chicken Tikka every night!!!

David VELA

David VELA - Global Account Presales Team @EMC-EMEA - based in Paris where i enjoy wine, photography and my family.
Scarcely now, i also spend week-ends with the Red Cross where i've been volunteer for the last 10 years as a first-aid officer, trainer or even ambulance driver (Heading fast to an accident with the flashing lights and sirens in the middle of Paris traffic is quite an experience :) )

Chrissy Barber

I read from time to time to keep up :-) I'm @Chrissy_Barber and http://www.linkedin.com/in/chrissybarber

Sheryl K.

@storageDiva or Sheryl Koenigsberg in real life. I am a competitor but definitely do NOT detest you - you are a great writer and I enjoy hearing your viewpoint. I work for Dell in our Nashua office. When I'm not working I spend a huge amount of time with my puppy and my husband in Boston's South End where I live.


David Hurst @the_super_dave . Network Architect at Vecellio Group, Inc. Tech guy in a low tech corner of the world, southern West Virginia. Love to learn, apply, and share new technology. Member of local tech group, run user groups. Media volunteer at my church. Mostly handle visuals but learning audio. I'd love to run sound for a big concert one day. With the remaining minutes of free time, love fly fishing.
I met you in the Bloggers Lounge at last two EMC World conferences.

Gary Fenton

Gary Fenton @fentog SE on the EMC Sales team at Brocade. Happy to be a great Innovation partner, and an avid boater.

Lori Witzel

Lori Witzel @loriaustex - Marketer with a bias for direct mktg, currently with Pervasive Software, soon to be at @Seilevel, non-work schtuff includes a fascination with digital humanities, art history, and BBQ (the kind we have down here in Central Texas). Thanks for asking!


Calvin Zito - have worked in HP Storage since 1990 in various marketing and marketing strategy roles but of late blogging and on Twitter. My blog is at http://www.hp.com/storage/blog. We've interacted on blogs but have never met face to face - maybe some day. Going to VMworld?

Susan Shapiro

@shapiro_susan, cut my teeth in social media when hired by you in 2007. Thank you Chuck! Now working with EMC marketing campaign folks, helping them learn how to integrate social media in engaging with all our audiences.


Gianni Catalfamo, European Director, Digital & SoMe at Ketchum.
Three times father, dog lover, amateur singer of 18th century music.
Th rest is here http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=129254&trk=tab_pro

Tom Aker

Tom, Web publisher, musician, outdoor fanatic

Mikhail Rubinov

Mikhail Rubinov, consultant at LANIT, large Russian system integrator.
Working with EMC here in Russia

Kristine Cornwall

Kris Cornwall, product marketing manager in EMC's Unified Storage division (that would be VNX, Cloud Tiering Appliance, etc.). When I'm not tethered to my EMC laptop I may be hanging with my daughters, reading, playing piano, trying to become more proficient with my camera, doing crossword puzzles in ink, and drinking coffee. Always drinking coffee! Love reading your blog for its blend of technology and business sense!

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Chuck Hollis

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