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March 15, 2011


marc farley

Marc Farley from HP here. The following is my own opinion.

There is no question that there will be competition in the markets for cloud services. There will be a lot of services, a lot of service providers and a lot of ways for companies like HP to establish partnerships with lots of cloud service providers.

One of the main reasons for HP's successes over the years is the company's ability to share it's opportunities with its business partners all around the world. This next major stage in the evolution of information technology will create many, many partnership opportunities, something that plays very well to HP's strengths.

Chuck Hollis

Hi Marc

Sure, I can agree with your take on the past, but -- given what we've heard from your CEO -- it's hard to see how that model can be the same going forward.

Delivering cloud services directly to customers essentially bypasses most of the value-added ecosystem. Not a lot of partners heavily invested in value-add around Amazon and Google, for example :)

I also am curious as to why you offered up a tweet as to classifying this as FUD. I would argue that you're being overly sensitive here. I have great respect for HP's history, but I think they've been forced to make a tough call that will ultimately not work out so well.

And that's not FUD.

-- Chuck

marc farley

Chuck, of course it's FUD unless you have a working crystal ball.

Chuck Hollis

Actually, Marc, I've been reasonably accurate in my predictions over the years.

It's not a working crystal ball, but it's a decent substitute :)

-- Chuck

marc farley

Predictions of demise and failure of competitors like Netapp and 3PAR were not so accurate.

Chuck Hollis

C'mon Marc, you're being over-sensitive again.

Just because I offer up my personal views on HP's cloud strategy and its ultimate implications, you shouldn't take it personally.

I don't think I *ever* predicted the demise of either company. 3PAR was always an acquisition target, I think we both would agree on that. And NetApp is one of those companies that is now "too big to fail".

If you'd like a collection of eerily prescient blog posts, I can send them along for you ...

-- Chuck


Do you think its pretty odd? Pretty odd… If EMC is not competing with its customers then why did EMC acquire Mozy ?

Used Servers

"Drama Beef" in the Storage world... the cloud craze has spread nicely.

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