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February 04, 2011



Thanks for the link Chuck. As a New Yorker also dealing with the lovely winter I agree the tweets from the VI get under my skin.

I'll be posting my thoughts on the backup post next week. Too good for a mere comment.

W. Curtis Preston

Long time no chat. Disclosure: I don't sell any of this stuff.

The reason your backup post tweaked so many people is that it suggests that there are vendors promoting the idea that having ONLY a local copy of data is a valid backup. There is not a single vendor on this planet promoting that idea, and any SE or salesperson promoting anything of the sort would/could/should be immediately fired.

What you do see vendors promoting is that the idea that a truly local copy (even if its virtual, such as with a snapshot) is the quickest way to recover from the majority of failures (which are caused by user/admin error). But if you plan to protect against other types of failures, you'd better replicate.

And yes, I would call a local snapshot (even a virtual one) a backup.

Chuck Hollis

Hi Curtis, good to hear from you.

I think everyone would agree that local copies sure make life a lot easier for recovering corrupted data -- that's not the point here.

More directly, we routinely engage with customers who tell us -- in all seriousness -- that their vendor told them that local copies would be all they needed.

It's more than a few outliers here and there -- it's becoming a consistent pattern, and an unfortunate one.

The real point, at least for me -- what do we as vendors owe our customers in terms of full disclosure around the various risks of different approaches?

And that's an area where we all could improve.

-- Chuck

W. Curtis Preston

I'll have to take you at your word on that. I can honestly say in my 18 years in this business, I've never met anyone other than an end-user who didn't know what they were talking about that would recommend such a thing.

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