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January 13, 2011




Congratulations on the new product line. As a nearly 15 year customer of EMC, I'm constantly amazed at the innovation still happening in the storage space. For me, it's always bittersweet when you announce new product, as it seems I replace my EMC gear just prior to a refresh, forcing me to admire the new technology for several years until I can upgrade again. It happened to me with my first FC4700 (CX line being announced shortly after purchase), it happened again with my CX 500 (CX3 being released within a couple of months of purchase), and now with my shiny new CX4-120...

Oh well, I have no complaints, all of the hardware has been rock solid, I'm loving the new Unisphere interface, and the VMware plug-ins are fantastic. That said, perhaps the stars will align next time (send me a hint) and perhaps I'll get in on the ground floor of a new product.

Chuck Hollis

Hi JeffS

I share your bittersweet feelings as well. On one hand, it's great to be able to bring all this great tech to our customers like you. On the other hand, the rapid pace of innovation means that yesterday's dream machine is tomorrow's upgrade target.

We do take a large number of measures to minimize the disruption and extend the value of our customer's investment, but there seems to be no good approach that accomplishes both goals.

Thanks for sharing -- you made my day!

-- Chuck


Does anyone know why the VNX only has a single 6 core CPU instead of dual 6 core?


Chuck Hollis


I'm not the guy who should be answering that, but -- a bit of clarification -- the VNX uses two controllers, not one. Is your question "per controller"?

-- Chuck


Yes, the question is why does each controller only have a single processor instead of dual processors.

Currently we run into CPU issues on our CX4-960's and we are looking at VNX.

This is my understanding so if I am wrong please let me know.


Chuck Hollis

Hi Jason -- I'll ask one of the VNX literate people to respond here ...


Chuck, is there an answer to Jason's questions?

Chuck Hollis

There is, and I asked someone to come back here and share the answer, but I guess no one actually did that.

So let me try ...

Basically, the answer is "they're not the same cores you're comparing". The per-core processing power is much greater in the newer VNX models, thanks to our friends at Intel.

That being said, there are workloads out there that can swamp even a VNX. And for those lucky people, we'd like to talk to them about VMAX.

Sorry for the delay ...


Wish lists:

Active/Standby mode for Data Mover in Two Data Movers configuration, so they're standing by for each other.

NetApp cluster mode like limited scale out for NAS protocols, single name space cross cluster.

Optional 10G Ethernet ports, or 4/8Gps FC, or 6Gps SAS ports for hosts connection.

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