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October 22, 2010


marc farley

Chuck, this post got top reviews in Twitter from @SteveDupe and @Valb00. I concur. Nice piece of writing here.


One of your better posts Chuck. You're definitely one of the few people in the storage industry that I feel genuinely understands the challenges of information management...many in the storage industry do not.

In a sense the "information logistics" expert already exists. It's the logistics specialists' role, after all, to identify and find ways to obtain the data necessary to keep the trains running on time...before the trains leave the station. Truly optimal physical logistics isn't possible without the support of information logistics. Which is why the field is simply referred to as logistics.

The bridge you describe from the physical world to the digital world exists. The challenge is to apply it to other areas of business outside the logistics department...and with that I agree 100%.

Ray Lucchesi


Great post, catchy tune. It seems like almost a turn back in time to something akin to IBM MVS JCL that stages data in place prior to executing an application. The amazing thing is that cloud computing is getting to the same place only 30 years later. But batch died years ago?

There are some open source tool sets (see Condor Project at University of Wisconsin) that attempts to do this for big data/big computing. Moving data into place so that execution can take place.

Do you think cloud computing is bringing back the batch paradigm?

I think there's a blog post here...


Steve Todd

Check out this relevant post from our old pal, Mike Kilian. His post is a research overlap with your ruminations.




I am interested in discussing this idea with you in more detail. I am working for the US Navy to help them understand how and why this is important to them. your posting here is just about the ONLY think out there on this subject.



Chuck Hollis

Hi John

Yes, I'm very aware why this particular topic might be interesting to the Navy -- it's come up before. If you're interested, please drop me a line at chuck dot hollis at emc dot com, and we can maybe find some time to chat before too long?

-- Chuck

Ben Benjabutr

I strongly agree that information flow is the only way to streamline physical logistics and material flow.

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