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July 06, 2010



Now, EMC acquires Greenplum, Data Warehouse Software Application. Since the storage devices have become highly commoditized these days, EMC might rethink the value of Documentum, Kazeon, Greenplum and BI applications yet to be identified if EMC wants to stay afloat on the cloud successfully in the future http://www.crn.com/software/225702588 . Consequently, EMC may try to build itself up as a Data Management and Information Analysis Company rather than a storage company in the future. That might be one of the reasons why EMC renamed CMA to IIG not too long ago. Just a thought...


EMC's acquisition of Greenplum opens up a new phase of evolution in the data management universe. Unfortunately, we will miss the boat here if we follow our usual course of squabbling about each other's storage capabilities and prowess. For all intents and purposes, this acquisition parallels of the earlier vmware's in a size and impact. Moreover, the acquisition of Greenplum actually signals the big things yet to come. Since the storage business has become exceedingly commoditized lately, the storage companies like EMC need to evolve into Data Management and Information Analysis Companies to be sustainable. Like SAP revolutionized ERP, EMC may need to evolve into EOP (Enterprise Object Planning) business, perhaps. Interestingly, to make it to become a reality, products like Documentum and Kazeon including Greenplum could potentially become extremely important pieces of the puzzle. EMC can revolutionize the whole industry if EMC puts them all into cloud with proper and proven security measures:


“EMC: Where Information Lives” is indeed a very interesting catch phrase here. However, if your information is locked in particular devices like HP, IBM, or EMC (throw NetApp in here as well), and then the information is indeed not free but shackled with the vendors. It’s about time to free your information into the cloud and beyond! Wouldn’t it be nice to get any information at any time any where regardless of its security and protection because it is automatically managed depending on its objects, time, subjects, or whatever security requirements since it lives everywhere? What good is information if it is kept secret someplace in the corporate silos? It’s about time to liberate your information. So, we may need to rephrase the catch phrase “EMC: Where Information is Free!"


Greenplum's technology is based on an open-source database and massively parallel processing that can be deployed as software or as a standalone "appliance," a marketplace that has grown steadily over the last five years and includes competitors such as Dataupia, Kickfire and Neteeza. Greenplum's customers include NASDAQ OMX, NYSE Euronext, Skype, Equifax, T-Mobile and Fox Interactive Media.

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