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June 02, 2010


Gordon Haff

I agree with the gist of your post. Although HTML5 will presumably improve things, I'm skeptical that trying to do everything through a browser is just too much of a force fit. OTOH, that doesn't mean we have to throw up our hands and go with a full-blown general purpose operating system model. An app store approach (which is at least akin to what you're calling a fat browser) seems to be a nice in-between approach and, yes, the iPad has helped further crystallize this for me.

(That said, I'd like to see further advances in transparently synchronizing state. Something like an iPad's state is at least arguably more device- than identity-centric than it should be. One of the reasons is that iTunes isn't nearly as "cloudy" as it should be.)

David Hurst

I recall a story told at a conference years ago about some company doing "man on the street" type tests with people using PCs and GUI based OS. The story goes that an older man looks at everything then picks up the mouse and speaks commands into it. The people running the tests thought it was hilarious and retold the story forever. Moral of the story is no one asked the question "Why not?"
I hear lots of people discounting the iPad as a toy or a big iPod but I see people trying to use it in different environments. My doctor told me today that her husband, also a doctor, is trying to use it in his practice and that other doctors are wanting to try.
I think many segments of our world are ready for the "fat browser". Some will find a way to deliver while many others will fade away still laughing at the iPad users.

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