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June 25, 2010


Polly Pearson

Terrific post, Chuck!

Most folks spend 95 - 100% of their prep time on THE DECK, versus finding out what is important to the PEOPLE in the room.

Presentations -- and Conversations -- are a "Connection Sport."

Good reminder.



I think to be a good engager you have to have passion on the topic being presented. I think if presentors stopped and asked themselves "if I was in the audience how would I rate the deliverence of said material?" You also have to account for personal comfort each person has for a topic & thier own social comfort talking with people.
You can lack social engagement skills and still be a good presenter.


Do you think the evolution of technology lead to decline is skills and presenting rather than engaging? Was PowerPoint the gateway drug? I ask because I also wonder if it can lead us toward engagement. As you mentioned the iPad and social networking in the post, I thought about the social aspect of social networking. I consult on technology with some local businesses. My last discussion occurred at the local Starbucks and was a conversation with slides on the iPad for reference and using remote access to my desktop for demonstration. (I know, Starbucks and iPad at the same time. If I had highlights and skinny jeans I could be very trendy) my point is this was a conversation that either would not have happened or would have been entirely different just a few years ago.

David Hurst


Good post.

I have a coffee table book "Speeches That Changed the World" and I don't think we'll ever have "the Power points that changed the world" ;o)

The worlds recognized best presenters have the simplest slides or no slides.

I came across a quote once that echoes in your post - "They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

Clive Gold

I heard a good guide for presentation materials; "10,20,30" - 10 Slides, 20 Mins, and nothing less than a 30point font.
Interestingly I was organising a major event and gave each speaker 20minutes! (The gnashing of teeth and conniptions were comical.) I'm a TED fan and if people can passionately explain their life’s work in 17 minutes, why can't people in the IT industry explain technology?

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