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May 06, 2010


amanda foster

Liked your blog Chuck this is the first time I have read it but some of the comments are confusing! You see, I'm going to be purchasing either an Ipad or laptop very soon for use with some of my college courses. Everyone of course is crazy over the Ipad but I'm concerned with usability as far as typing goes! Not sure if it will be good for that...

Patricia Gregg

I luv my iPad..everything about..sitting on my recliner..listen to my music..while I facebook..checking my mail..I luv it sooooooooooooooo much..thank you apple <3

Mohan Arun

I can identify with this, a typical 'ipad family reaction'. But I wouldnt be buying a iPad until they make a foldable tablet the only difference from a laptop would be that this would be vertical-oriented.


Hey Chuck,

Awesome blog you've got going here... Keeps me hooked...

I am from India and am looking to conduct a survey on tablet PCs, the concept of which has still not caught up in our country... I would like to ask you for some help and some insights on their benefits vis-a-vis laptops... Can you please drop me an e-mail at alwaysarocker@gmail.com so that I get your e-mail address and could ask you for specific pointers?

Thanks in advance,
Vishal K.

Jocuri Gratis

We love you Chuck !

apple wholesale

Interesting to hear the experiences of users is to target people who have never seen anything actually happens, and as never before. I do not have Apple products, but I am impressed with the IPAD devices and consumption of content to print. I can only put it on.

Kim John

I Pad ,Can I use a external web cam with the new Apple IPAD?
Any one know? Please help.

Peg Breen

Chuck - what you've illustrated so well is the reason why great technology sells. It worms its way into people's lives. It's easy to use, intuitive, portable and when you want it to be - its fun. And beyond that if you think about it, the device, and even Apple's approach to its community of users creates a sense of belonging and connectedness. I mute my TV when Two and a Half Men comes on and instead listen to TedTalks on my Ipad - And I smile as I hear "ideas worth spreading".

P.S. Most corporate execs are not adept at using blogs to communicate to the masses - so Bravo.


Hi Chuck, thanks for the laughter you have given with this post. Apple stuffs are really cool.


ipod to mac

Great post you have done, thank you for your good idea.


Hi Chuck!

This is the first time I've read one of your blogs and I thought it was a good read and very interesting.

I don't have an iPad and have never used one. However I have been considering purchasing one for uni.

It was good to hear your view and experiences about the product.


Hi Chuck,

It is really a nice Blog.



seo midlands

Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. I love the Ipad :)


I guess I am the only wife whose husband thoughtfully bought me an iPad before himself lol. It is great but lately, my 2 yr old daughter seems to think it belongs to her. She plays memory and listens to stories and plays other educational games, if I wasn't so afraid of spoiling her I would buy her one, with parental guidance it's a great tool!

mobile roaming

This is crazy story.

Crime in South Africa

I think it is perfectly suited for business. Who knows maybe im even using an ipad 2 now.

Web Designer

Ipad has been the single most portable device that is bound to push out any portable (tablets / laptops) devices put out by competitors. They have not just good design and user interface, but they also have strong legal points to have a stranglehold in the niche. If family members are attracted to it like a magnet, it only speaks volume for the quality of design that is appealing and intuitive.

Free Workout Programs

Tablets are amazing such as the ipad are changing the way we live AND socialize. When I socialize with my friends now it's different now. We always have a tablet around and are showing each other pictures and cool videos. It's quite weird actually.

content writer

Interesting post. Ipad evolved society into gadget wielding tech savvy individuals. There is the bad and the good.

how to check for breast cancer

I'm in the same boat as yours. My family has 'dumped' the laptops now having 'dumped' the desktops 6 years ago. Now is the era of the IPads. However, we still own two laptops for occasional use when in need of one.

stores like forever 21

I applaud Apple for a solid product..I love my iPad...has made both my online and offline experience more enjoyable!

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IPads rock big time! Gives you laptop experience at a featherweight experience!

dcis breast cancer

I can relate with this, a typical 'ipad family reaction'!


iPad is different from a computer or even a PlayStation, but the iPad is a human lifestyle today.


I liked this, was just researching iPads as i have recently written an article on one. This blog really made me smile. I can just imagine the chaos at home. If anyone is interested in checking out my article on iPads here is the link http://www.upiu.com/science-technology/2011/10/24/iPad-your-ultimate-learning-tool/UPIU-2621319508260/
Happy reading :)

Noah Berkowitz

Great post!Brilliant info!


Tablets are the future. I think laptops are going to disappear in 5-10 years. I love iPad... Apple really did a good job.

x4 labs extender

IPads are not doing anything for my family as I'm not having these ;)


This was 2 funny ! #teamipad


my son got an i pad for xmas and i am hooked

Kaye Swain

How funny! I remember when we bought our first Mac 128k back in the 80s. We went thru something similar just between my husband and myself and it led to the purchase of a MacPlus a few months later.

Now my senior mom has started the iPad in our house - tho my kids and grandkids actually started sooner in their homes.

They are definitely great AND easy. But for a touch typer like me, a traditional computer is still vital. But I have to admit, I wouldn't mind adding my own iPad to my purse to go along with my iPhone. Time will tell...

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