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April 07, 2010



1 out of 5 stars.

One of those posts where you have to say something because you are the nominated guy at EMC. I make the extra effort to say this because your blog is somewhat vacant in terms of valuable, informative content for your target audience.

This is just another infomercial for EMC to harass the competition and talk vaguely about how their products solve customer pain but lacking in specifics.

I do find it ironic that you are sledging the competition about unsuccessful product acquisitions. Perhaps you would like to articulate EMC's very long history of acquisitions for the audience? I am thinking a deep and open financial analysis on the Return-On-Equity for each and every one of those acquisitions. Perhaps your M&A buddy can document that information for you and you can summarise it here? As a long-suffering shareholder, I am keen to understand how many of the good investments are weighed down by bad ones. i.e. How could the EMC EPS be improved by more prudent purchases? At least my NetApp shares continue to impress for all the right reasons.

Credit where it is due though, you did refrain from an outright attack on NetApp and Bycast. More a thinly veiled one.

Looking forward to rating your next post.

Chuck Hollis

Hi, whoever you are -- thanks for the comment.

I run a "full disclosure" policy here -- you need to disclose your affiliations, if not your real name, if you expect me to post your comments. We get a lot of vendors masquerading as something else here.

If you read through my posts collectively, you'll generally see an honest effort to provide "valuable, informative content" for my target audience. At least, that's what I hear from people. Some posts do this better than others -- this individual post was simply industry commentary, nothing more.

A lot of people weren't able to put the Bycast acquisition in context. I had context, so I shared it. Unfortunately, I happen to work for a competitor, so the bias should be obvious to all.

As far as EMC's string of acquisitions, they're generally held up as very successful in the tech M&A community. I believe very few vendors can match our track record. At some point, I might get around to writing it all down, since it's been an amazing journey.

People thought us crazy when we acquired VMware. They thought us crazy when we acquired RSA. Indeed, the rationale of so many of our acquisitions doesn't become apparent for quite some time.

We do a very thorough study post-acquisition of each and every acquisition, both on a standalone basis, but also in the context of integration and synergy. However, we don't share that information publicly -- and neither does anyone else, as you probably are aware.

As far as relative share prices, you're free to invest as you see fit. Personally, I like our long-term prospects, but everyone's entitled to their opinions.

I look forward to being rated!

-- Chuck

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