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November 04, 2009


Jacques Talbot

"Chuck has been with EMC for 13 years, most of them pretty good."
So you are old enough to know what ECOstructure was :-)
EMC, CISCO and Oracle replacing VMware. And the story was very much alike.
I was there, and a true believer, since I was working for a company (Bull) having partnerships with all 3 stakeholders. Unfortunately, it failed badly.

Could you tell us whay you (at least EMC and CISCO) learnt from this failure,
and so why CVE will not go the ECOstructure way?

I imagine you have the answer already scripted ;-)

Thanks in advance

Chuck Hollis

Hi Jacques

We learned a lot about that experience -- good and bad.

The good: customers and partners love it when key vendors collaborate in a deep and meaningful way.

The bad: getting key vendors to collaborate in a deep and meaningful way is a rare event in our industry.

Keys to success:

(a) alignment on strategic and tactical goals -- the win-win. Very true in this case, not as much before.

(b) end-to-end investment pattern: engineering, integration, marketing, services, support and ecosystem. True in this case, not as much previously.

(c) capitalizing on a major industry transition: last time it was the dot-com (#fail), this time it's virtualization (#win)

There's more to it than that, but -- having been close to both -- this time is very, very different.

However, that being said, there are no guarantees about the future, are there?

Thanks for writing!

-- Chuck

Jun Wu

Mr. Hollis,
Nice speech this morning at the Stadium!

Would you let us know when/if the presentation will be available to us audiences, or even great public?


Chuck Hollis

Hi Jun Wu

Thanks for the kind words. It'll be posted on the official site before long, but if you'd like a copy sooner, here's the link.

http://chucksblog.emc.com/content/EMC_Forum_Boston_CHollis.pptx (note, there are underscores in the file name, not spaces)

-- Chuck

Nicholas Orr

Nice slide presentation. Now I get what is to be realised by VCE/vBlock. I was thinking it was purely "here is a solution where you can provision a virtual machine and get on with it" ala ESX / VirtualBox etc. However the scope is much greater than that and looks really awesome!

I espically like the part about virtual desktops - How awesome would it be to add a user to the organisation and not have to stuff around with a physical desktop...
Be nice if such a solution was accessible to small business of 10-30 people. There is one organisation that did this that I've come across however it was economical to have full windows pc's on every desktop and use a simple local file/fax server and GAFYD. Of course the other major concern was the fact that internet is not 100% reliable and business would stop as long as internet was off - at least with full windows pc's able to do some stuff.

I have a solution for the small business use case and hopefully it will be realised within the next 6 months. Basically build a browser based (wan/lan accessible) app that does all the tasks the organisation needs to complete. Example; email is not done in outlook to contact the client, you simply click on the client and and type a message and an email is sent.

I guess one could get a group of small buisness together and provide a vBlock backed solution - which is probably what that company I mentioned before might do...

Landscaping with rocks

Mr. Hollis, Are we going to know when / if the presentation will be available to us the public, or even public? Thank you!

Chuck Hollis

"Landscaping With Rocks" ...

Why, oh why, do I now seem to get umpteen comments, each of which links back to some sort of unconnected commercial offer?

There's the people pushing loans. And the guys who are trying to sell knockoff running shoes and womens' handbags?

That was preceded by a bout with term paper offers. And, of course, the ever-popular male enhancement pills.

I'm leaving this comment up as an example for others to see. In case anyone is interested, I have to clean 5-10 of these off my blog each and every day.


-- Chuck


Could anyone tell us whay you (at least EMC and CISCO) learnt from this failure, and so why CVE will not go the ECOstructure way?

Chuck Hollis


We must be watching different movies.

The general perception from customers and the industry so far is that VCE is a raging success, and will continue to be in the future. Indeed, we're seeing some serious scrambling from HP, Microsoft and others to try and offer something comparable.

I had to think a bit about ECOstructure, since it was over a decade ago -- you have a long memory. So much time has passed, and the industry has changed so much, that making a comparison would probably be more of a white paper than a short comment.

We live in very different times ...

BTW, I guess "cartuse" means "cartridge" in Romanian, since you linked back to a site pimping printer cartridges. How classy.

-- Chuck

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