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November 03, 2009


Storage guy.com

If This is EMC's solution to NetApp's Dynamic Data Centre Solution then it looks expensive and disjointed.

Lower costs by deferring payments almost sounds laughable when you look at the costs of VMax and its lack of integration between other EMC products.

Im sure this will create some creative discussion

Chuck Hollis

Hi, whoever you are.

My strong recommendation to all posters is to identify your affiliation. In particular, many consider it an ethical breach for an employee of a company, such as NetApp, to masquerade as another individual.

You know, I went through the NetApp DDC pitch in detail, and all I saw was some mid-tier filers. I mean, if that's all you've got as a vendor, that's what you've got to go with.

You're welcome to throw rocks, since that what I expect competitors to do. However, in this case, we've seen enough traction from customers and partners alike that we're pretty confident in the value proposition here.

BTW, there's more to the discussion than just storage :-)

-- Chuck

Nicholas Orr

"Cisco’s ability to support as much as 4x the amount of commodity SDDR3 RAM on a blade will also allow a greater number of virtual machines to run on a single blade, and virtualization environments tend to be more memory than CPU bound."

This is all airy fairy theory - when are the practical solutions that I can browse coming?

Practical like:
- has this cpu
- has this amount of ram
- has this many NICs
- has this sort of PCI/PCI-X/PCIe
- has this sort of storage
- all that costs xyz

Would like to see a page/link that shows an actual solution ("V-Block") and how it solves an actual need :)

The concept and theory sounds great - I'm sure the managerial types are excited, however these types aren't the one's that have to figure out how this actually works. It is now like they unpack boxes and plug power cords in etc.

Looking forward to actual practicalities, specifications and details.


(interested IT guy that enjoys playing with infrastructure)

John Dias

Hi Chuck - customer here. Sorry but I don't get it - Vblock is a product or a service? Am I buying infrastructure to plug into my own DC or hosted services or managed services, etc etc... thanks.

Chuck Hollis

Hi Nick

A healthy skepticism is always good.

You'll a healthy amount of solutions qualifications from all of us (in addition to what's already out there), but -- frankly -- you won't believe a word of it until you see it running in your own shop, using your own applications.

I'd encourage you to study the data we'll be providing going forward, and see if you want to take the next step.

-- Chuck

Chuck Hollis

Hi John

Vblock can be best thought of as an integrated solution stack for efficient virtualization at scale: server, storage, network, hypervisor, management, security, etc.

Whether you decide to consume it as a traditional product, or consume it as a service, is really up to you and your circumstances. Acadia (working primarily through partners) can deliver it a service, or you can buy the integrated platform (again through a partner), or you can get the reference architecture and build one yourself if you choose.

Does this help?

-- Chuck

Nicholas Orr

Ok thanks Chuck - so that "data we'll be providing" isn't out yet, that's cool. I trust you'll blog about it when it is. You're in my Feedly for now.


Doug Rainbolt

I think the real merit of this announcement is EMC’s aggressive stand on advancing the ball. Chuck, while you might disagree with my assessment, I see the Vblock designs as stakes in the ground. Speaking somewhat metaphorically, they are carefully expressed opinions about what can work. Granted while the devil is in the details and not much has been disclosed about what exactly in included in each Vblock configuration, EMC is a stickler for details; the careful attention to what works with what is legendary. While EMC assertively advances the ball, I’m sure that customer experience will influence what gets sold and how the offering evolves. Expressing an opinion accelerates conversation and ultimately decisions. Customer decisions and preferences shape vendor opinions and so the cycle continues. Just keep the ball moving.

In looking over the content, I didn’t see any reference to VDI. Perhaps it’s just assumed to be a supported workload in the data center. BTW, is the intention to eventually extend the EMC and Cisco brands to the desktop/thin client/smart phone user experience or keep this transparent?

Storage guy

hey Chuck,

I think screening posts around competitive arguements paints EMC in a bad light.

Like i said i am an integrator who does work with EMC, HP, IBM, SUN HDS and NetApp.

Chuck Hollis

Storage Guy:

WAKE UP CALL!! I don't screen competitive posts and comments, period.

Go read through the +2000 comments here if you don't believe me. All the various and sundry competitive rants are there, warts and all.

Although they're not particularly interesting.

I tend to screen (a) spam, (b) blatant product pitches, and (c) people who have decided to act in an unprofessional manner, usually with alcohol involved.

I do the latter as a professional courtesy, since they usually regret their actions later.

-- Chuck


Customers and industry leaders want to learn about IT directions when they come to your site, not see a bunch of negative vendor bashing. The vBlock discussion is so much broader than an all in one nas/emulated block storage filer.. Netapp is really struggling to find their relevance here. From the looks of the various posts on yours and other sites, ntap is trying to tell people why vblock is bad and why their disk systems are a complete solution for the cloud. Just like SSDs and deduplication ntap has been caught completely flat footed once again. I'm sure we will see a laundry list of negative posts in the coming week from them either directly, or indirectly (them posing as customers or otherwise).

Chuck Hollis


Well said!

-- Chuck

Vincent Peeters

What's your opinion about Liquid Computing solution ? it seems to be really close to the VBlock solution : a big blade enclosure with blades building on a high memory capacity, a unified I/O switch and a storage box (here a NetApp solution). In a future version of VBlock, will be there a dedup solution buildin in V-Max (vblock 2) or CX4 (vblock 1) boxes ?

Chuck Hollis

Hi Vincent

I think Liquid Computing is aiming at generically the same sort of thing that Vblock is -- a scale-out virtualization appliance. However, a quick check of the specs shows that they're going to have a harder time selling their wares going forward ...

Various forms of dedupe are available today regarding backup (all Vblocks), or specifically with the Celerra found in the Vblock 0. Can't really comment on potential future capabilities, though.


-- Chuck

Mike Saavedra


My company will be implementing the vblock architecture/solution soon. I will serving as the PM on the project. Can you point me to someone who has gone through an implementation that can assist in the planning and risk mitigation for the implementation?

Chuck Hollis


Congratulations! Anyone on the VCE team ought to be able to hook you up. I'll send someone your way.

- Chuck

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