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November 02, 2009



The "lonesome storage bloggers" at HP haven't been feeling at all lonely - lots of good stuff going on to leverage the 25+ year old server, networking, and storage businesses we've had. And it's so much easier to work with your server and networking partners when you all work for the same company.

Looks like EMC finally woke up to the fact that you couldn't compete in the next generation data center without a blade-based server partner. Let me know how it works out for you.

I just find this all ironic and funny Chuck - you've tried for so long to paint HP as a server vendor when deep down, you were scared to death of HP's portfolio and the threat that was to EMC's storage only business. And not to mention that we have a rock star running the server and networking business with storage to be added to the list in the future.

Best of luck as you partner with the #5 server vendor - oh wait, your server partner isn't even in the top 10.

Chuck Hollis

Hi Calvin

When we were scripting out competitive responses to the VCE coalition, we pretty much agreed that HP would go with a "see, we told you" type of response. Glad to know we had that figured out right.

Once we get past the bluster, I think it'll be obvious that customers, SIs, service providers and other partners have an entirely new choice to go consider.

It's a very serious offer, IMHO.

And -- guess what -- you'll likely have to respond with a bit more substance ...

-- Chuck

Jeremy Arnold

"More importantly, both HP and IBM have enormous services, system integration and outsourcing businesses - EDS (now HP Enterprise Services) and IBM Global Services respectively.

I'd offer that HP and IBM are not entirely motivated to create an open ecosystem of multiple partners and players -- it's in direct conflict with a big piece of their existing business models."

Yes, HP has ES, *BUT* we also have the largest channel partnership in the world. Without doubt the main reason that HP is the #1 Vendor worldwide with revenues of $130Bn...

.. and HP's not motivated to create an open ecosystem of partners?? We're only the #1 with Oracle / SAP / Microsoft / Linux / Virtual Machines and Desktops.

If I was a customer who wanted vendor lockin, then I would definitely go look at VCE. UCS even uses its own version of ethernet!

Chuck Hollis


I can't argue whether your claims are true or not, but that's not the point.

What matters now is not what has happened in the past, but what will happen in the future.

-- Chuck

Aran Hoffmann

Interesting announcement. I can say from experience that EMC already has the seamless support experience nailed. That is one of the many benefits of using EMC kit in my shop.

When we deployed RecoverPoint using Cisco 9509s and the fabric splitter a few years ago we encountered some major problems (discovered due to the amount of i/o we were pushing) that affected our application stability. It was unclear whether it was the fabric, splitter, HBA driver, host etc. and EMC took the point and coordinated in a very impressive way the investigation of our solution that was built using products from five different vendors. At no time did EMC play a blame game but worked hard to resolve the issue.

So I would be confident in that same experience with this solution.

Chuck Hollis

Aran -- thanks for the kind words.

It doesn't always work out so good 100% of the time for our customers, but we're always working hard to make sure that your sort of experience is the norm.

And, as we start pushing more and more advanced technology -- from different vendors -- into next-gen data centers, I think our history will serve us well into the future.

Thanks again for the positive note!

-- Chuck


Actually Terremark uses 3PAR storage for their vCloud offerings, not NetApp or EMC.

Chuck Hollis


Actually, Terremark uses a variety of storage vendors, including all that you mentioned.

-- Chuck

Robb Boyd

Chuck, your blog is always refreshingly direct and entertaining. You do a great job embracing the conversation that your topics encourage. Thank you for the that. We are working tightly with some fantastic people on your team as well as the rest of the VCE group to build a deep dive episode on TechWiseTV that will air for our customers on April 4. I look forward to your opinion and feedback.

Thank you for the great material and exposure to multiple opinions here. Change is happening and only time will tell what works. Exciting stuff.

Robb Boyd
Managing Editor
Cisco's TechWiseTV

Chris Kiley

Chuck, where would a potential customer go to speak with a rep about this VCE solution (EMC-Cisco-VMware)??

Chuck Hollis

Hi Chris

I sent you an email with a few options, e.g. contact your EMC or Cisco rep if you already have a relationship, or reach out to VCE directly. If you email me a few details, I can have someone from VCE contact you.


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