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October 21, 2009


Barry Whyte


Been a while since I posted here, hope you are well.

Can't agree more re #5. I personally think with the coming "network" consolidation - we need to get this one right first time.

#10 strikes a chord. With more and more time spent in the halcyon state of still being (and having influence) at the techy level, as well as hearing our mutual customers pain points, we all need to try and combine #5 and #10 together.

How as an industry can we, for example make a simple to use, effective SRM tool ? - we all want to do the same thing - a customer has an issue, they want to go to a tool that says "HERE" look at this thing... with more and more heterogeneous environments, TPC, CC, OV or whatever isn't cutting it - how about a vendor agnostic tool and API set that can help.

It feels like boiling the ocean, but why - surely we all have that common goal?


"You can see the inherent mismatch in expectations, can't you?" Concise and logical, this statement seems to be the overall bane of Cyberia at large. For non-IT specific relevance, if I were to use an alternate title for this article it would be: Ten Things I Wish We Did Better As A Society.


A great read, thanks. #2 is my personal favourite. There is a great difference in simplicity vs simplification. The idea of simplicity does not mean dumbing down your content, just limit yourself to what is REALLY important and realize that we as humans only rembember a fraction of the material presented.

Actually, simplicity is hard. I really enjoyed the article below that illustrates our reluctance to simplify technical content. (The Synergist, the journal of the American Industrial Hygiene Association)

Chuck Hollis

Thanks for dropping by, and sharing that link.

I know a few people I'm going to share it with :-)

Thanks again

-- Chuck

Pat Adams

Chuck - This is a gem. If all we arm ourselves with is a glossy-brochure and sound bites versus an understanding of our clients business and an ability to simply state what it means to them, then we are lost. My clients respect me more and I believe buy from me because I am transparent. At least they know what they are getting themselves in to and why.

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