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October 01, 2009



Chuck, you need to figure this FAST stuff out now. I am in a position to make a purchase of a VMAX (non-SE) and I'm being told a lot of conflicting things about FAST.

It was three pages of the booklet presenting the technology, and on the last day of purchase I'm being told I will have to pay extra some day when its released.

On top of that I'm paying for Symm Optimizer, a tech which I really dont see benefiting me in my configuration.

I went back and asked for tiered storage because of the promise of this technology and its availability on this platform, but I can't even be promised that I will be entitled to it when it arrives?

Your sales team, marketing team, and engineers are completely out of synch on this one and are really close to collapsing this deal.

Chuck Hollis


Sorry for the frustration.

Anytime we propose a big capability with a progressive set of releases (i.e. FAST), things can get confusing with regards to precise availability dates, pricing, past entitlements, etc.

We do need to get better at this, so your point is taken. Is there something I could do to help tactically?

-- Chuck


Chuck, on this deal it would be nice to know that FAST is something that will be delivered to our company when it arrives.

I know we have certain leverage in discounts before the purchase vs after. If FAST cant be promised or negotiated into our deal, its not really worth our while to buy this now.

We are migrating because our old SYMM is nearing end of support life (late next year). So we're not in any major rush to make a deal. It seems the advantages on waiting (flash memory price drops, FAST) are outweighing the desire to have a new toy for christmas.


Maybe you could send some educational materials on the FAST sku how its being sold and marketied, and how it works into a half a million dollar purchase of VMAX to Adam Rosenberg rosenberg_adam@emc.com or Mike Scillia (former EMC?) mscillia@gothamtg.com

the storage anarchist

Yursil -

Allow me to assist. The final polish is being put on the materials, even as the product beta test is getting into full swing. If all goes to plan, the launch kit of materials will be in your sales team's hands within the month.

Meanwhile, I'd be happy to orchestrate getting early drafts of these materials to your account team - have them drop me an email at my office account and I'll get things rolling, as well as clear up any misinterpretations.

On behalf of the Symmetrix development team, I apologize for any confusion - it appears an inevitable side effect of announcing future direction and intent before the product itself is completed. As Chuck says, this is an area of constant improvement.

Barry Burke, Chief Strategy Officer, Symmetrix Product Group
aka the storage anarchist

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