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August 06, 2009


Steve Todd


I'm using Mozy and it works for my needs. It will be interesting to see if the service evolves to address more of your concerns.

I also recently learned that traditional search techniques (e.g. google) will not be effective for the finding of personal information. Page ranks and keyword tags do not reflect how the human mind works and can make it harder for us to "find our stuff" in a personal information cloud.

EMC Research in China asserts that searching for personal information should be based on an associative memory-based technique. It's a fascinating way to look at cloud-based personal search and I recommend taking a peek at Jidong Chen's lecture on the topic: http://bit.ly/12CDuJ



You might also check out ZumoDrive for this kind of thing.

james governor

good idea or not a great name immediately suggests itself- "pico".


Hi Chuck,
You might want to check out http://www.tonido.com.
It has all the features you are describing here.


Same thing with Opera Unite. I think this might be interesting for you. http://unite.opera.com/

Gerald Huff

Just discovered this post. I had been thinking very much along the same lines. A short paper with my thoughts on the virtual personal cloud is here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/26792111/The-Virtual-Personal-Cloud


I have no use for twitter, facebook etc. I really don't care that you are on your way to the store or that you just won another chicken in farmville. that just tells me you probably need job and I start to question whether i want to be associated with a you.

Anyway,I would personally like to see my personal cloud be comprised of desktops that I could choose like Apple, Windows, Suse, Redhat etc. It would be my desktop with apps that I do own, or be available for lease if I wanted. It would truly be my personal cloud PC that I could access anywhere anytime.

To access it I would go to WWW.MYPCPC.???, login and my Windows 7 (Citrix/VMWare like) Desktop would appear within my browser. If I want more ram or a faster processor, I just go to my settings, make the changes, logoff and back on and now I have 8GB of ram instead of 4. My data would be stored on a rack of servers with insane redundancy and backups. If I need more, I again go into settings and change what I need.

That is my dream, I just wish I could make that happen.

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