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June 10, 2009




A really interesting post... I'm hoping to get an offer to join EMC in the UK so have been looking around at various Blogs and they seem to be very consistent. All seem to say that the EMC Values and Culture are what make you different. From the people I have met so far they do seem to share similar values to each other (and me...)

As most of the Blogs seem to be US based and I have not found any from the UK, would you say that that the the EMC you describe is the same in the UK as the US?

So a question, would you say that the Culture and

Chuck Hollis

Hi Alistair

No guarantees, of course, but I spend a lot of time in the UK working with the team there, and I would say "yes", generally speaking, you'll see many of the same sort of cultural elements you'd find in the US-based variant.

Of course, with a bit more culture and class in the UK :-)

-- Chuck






Thanks for this post. I am in talks with the VCE side of things right now. Coming from the customer side of things I am a bit concerned about how I will fit. I have been very successful up till now but, I wasn't sure how well that applied to a provider like EMC.

Reading the first part of your blog was like reliving my childhood. If EMC's culture is to let you challenge yourself daily - then that is my dream job. I love connecting and working with others to bring success. And I would love to be part of a dynamic profit-center rather than just a support function within a company.

Thanks again,


I'm now due to join EMC in the UK in the next few weeks, I'll post an update once I've got my feet under the table.



Thanks you chuck

I'm a guy who want to join EMC taiwan but don't know the work situation. As you say, EMC, is a challenging and growing job, I think it's the dream job for me, hope I can touch my dream.

Thanks you veryyyyy mcuh.


Hi all, I am a simple IT guy, but really look forward to work in storage business, what basic qualification do I need to get a job at EMC or companies of the like? Any certification I can work on? Thank you.


Dear Mr. Hollis,

I hope this letter finds you well.

Although this blog post is very old, after reading, I must say that I am extremely pleased and quite touched by it. It has actually given me a bit of hope for my future. And I suppose I am leaving a comment to just thank you for it.

I read that you approve these messages before you accept them, but I would appreciate if you did not accept it. This comment was meant for your eyes only. Obviously, it is under your discretion.

Currently, I am stuck in a situation where it is difficult to get out of. All my life I have been disappointed by so many people who were supposed to care and love me. It brought me lots of despair and heartache which caused depression at an early age (9 years old).

Through grade school and high school, my teachers always said that I had so much potential and that they did not know what was holding me back from my studies. Like you, I got into a bit of trouble also.. a bit of a rebel. I got bored easily, and did not take my classes seriously - all the while, I did not know I was clinically depressed.

Unfortunately, by the time I was diagnosed (depression as well as anxiety).. I was in my 4th year of "college"..or supposed to be. Mind you, I had to face my fears and ask for help myself. No one helped me. The little spark of motivation to keep going with life was still there. I got a psychologist on my own, and a psychiatrist on my own. But I switched from schools and jobs variously. I felt bored with America and never thought I belong in this country. I did not feel appreciated even though I knew I had the potential to do something great with my life and myself as person.

I know I am not unintelligent. When I was young (about 8 years old), I taught myself how to use a computer, taught myself html, xml.. learned computer programs all on my own just for fun. I would build websites for pleasure, and graphic design work for the hell of it. I enjoy learning new things, and am quite curious about the world. Currently, I taught myself French (intermediate-fluent level), and am teaching myself Mandarin and Cantonese. I prefer reading non-fiction books rather than watching movies, and I prefer traveling and experiencing difficult cultures than be scolded by close minded people. So that brings me back to..why am I where I am in life? No where?

My unfortunate past has led to me a road block. After traveling Asia for 6 months, and going to France, I have become more aware with myself and my capabilities as a person. Yet, I do not have a degree...(I tried pursuing Architecture, but lacked the passion and became bored) and it's almost impossible to get a good job without one. For an entire year now I have been trying to figure out what to do, and how to get this degree with the grades I have, and my haunted past. Needless to say, I am a completely different person. Braver, smarter, more confident...I am not afraid to take on challenges.

Finally, I have spoken to a friend of mine who is interning for EMC (by the way, I am from Hopkinton. I forgot to mention this). She absolutely loves it, and her family members do as well. I did some research on EMC and found it notably interesting. Since her dad works for EMC and is stationed in Singapore, I had asked her to forward my resume to her father in hopes that I could possibly get an internship, and gain experience with EMC as well. Maybe EMC may be the type of company I would want to work for..Maybe this is what I've been looking for all along?

Because of this, I have come across your blog post, and it inspired me and has given me MORE motivation to pursue my dreams. It is great to hear about such a large company caring for one another and collaborating flexibly as a team, while loving what they do. I envy this so much.

So, again, this was more of a thank you.. I have to apologize for sharing my life story. I know I am just a spec in your life, but it is nice to be able to (somewhat) compare to someone who had difficulties in the past, and found what they love doing. I will be following your posts in the future I am sure!



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