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June 03, 2009




Great post, few opinions;

Most of what you talk about is reliant heavily upon large amounts of business change. With the sterotype of enterprises being the big container ship, when you want to move that ship in a certain direction it is not easy. To make large changes in technical areas such as chip architectures going from x86 to RISC, through to people and process changes such as moving your IT model into self service and lastly breaking down silo'd IT I think most admit is not easy when your the one who has to pick the intiative up.

Topics in this post are mostly highlighting large people and process change which may actually be the downfall (or holdup) of this vision suceeding, most cloud strategy today is based around technological offerings today and dosnt seem to align to what is probably the important bit of aiding how organisations that treat IT and any services can be transformed into the vision of say Private cloud, this guidance and marketing is what will probably win over the C level at the end of the day not the underlying tech.


It seems to me true converged Ethernet is still a ways off, maybe 5+ years. When I say true converged I mean Ethernet being Ethernet, not having to think about whether or not the device you are plugging into is CNA or not.

Case in point, I was at a Brocade conference a couple of weeks ago and of course they recently purchased Foundry who has a very solid ethernet lineup. However their CNA strategy is firmly on the Brocade side of the house. Their vision is FCoE won't really take hold for 2-3-4 years, and even then it doesn't sound like I'll be able to go out and buy a BigIron product that seamlessly does both FC and FCoE. Their big chassis SAN product will have CNA blades though(I don't think it will come close to matching the Ethernet features of the BigIron or NetIron though)

They indicated that the strategy Cisco was communicating with their Nexus line was even less visionary than their own. Both companies seem to still see a big wall in between SAN and LAN, which is surprising to me given the big push to Ethernet. I don't follow Cisco closely myself I hold them in very low regard for many reasons, so what Brocade communicated could be incorrect.

Right at about the time FCoE will be taking hold the rest of the Ethernet world will be well into 40Gig and perhaps up to 100Gig.

Same thing goes for servers, when will we see wide scale availability of servers with CNA? (on the same level that we see GigE on servers today).

You may be sharing the same cable, but that seems to be about where the convergence ends, at least for the foreseeable future.

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