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April 15, 2009


marc farley

Congratulations on an excellent launch. It was very well done. So now is it back to the old fire and brimstone?

Chuck Hollis

Thanks for the congrats, Marc. We all think it came off pretty well.

Fire and brimstone? Nah ... only once in a while.

You'll find me on my (private) cloud from now on ...

-- Chuck

SANd Man

I'd applaud EMC on its VMAX announcement, but with the din of the EMC blogger corp furiously stroking their own disks, and our EMC sales rep squealing his Porsche's tires through our parking lot to sell us more iron, I doubt you'd even hear me.

Chuck Hollis

Thank you for your tasteful and thoughtful comment.

-- Chuck

Jed Spink

Hi Chuck - not usually a "storage man" - more Documentum and CMA products but thought your article hit the nail on the head with regards to competitors. Saw quite a lot of similar stuff with the launch of SourceOne, for example people claiming it was just EmailXtender with bells on, whereas in reality it is totally new architecture.

This and the V-Max comments makes me thinks the competition is a bit rattled :-)

[Please note that these views are my own personal comments and do not reflect those of my employer in any way]

Chuck Hollis

Hi Jed -- I followed the SourceOne launch as well, and -- you're right -- a lot of quick reactions with no measured approach.

Every new product has its pros and cons -- nothing in our world is perfect. However, misrepresenting the truth does not benefit anyone in the long run.

Thanks for sharing!

-- Chuck

Martin G

As it's Darwin's 200th anniversary this year; perhaps people should look at the controversy around who was first with the theory of evolution. History often forgets who was first and just remembers who did it best.

From an end-user point of view; I really don't care who was first, I just care who was doing it best when I came to buy. Stomping feet and complaining that you were first doesn't better; you need to be the best at doing what I want.

And who knows, perhaps the next announcement from a competitor will trump EMCs? And I'm sure EMC won't be bitching that they were first...they'll be spinning why their's is better! I'd expect nothing less, they are in this to sell product!


As a technical guy myself I'd be interested in reading more in depth information on the architecture(full disclosure - I'm a 3PAR fan and have a 150TB SATA T400 in house, and a 9TB E200 at my last company..), 3PAR[1] has a ~30 page pdf on their architecture, another vendor we used to use BlueArc[2](just finished migrating off of a few weeks ago) has a ~20 page pdf on their architecture.

I asked HDS for this kind of info when they were pitching their AMS2k to us last year but they could never produce much of anything, past the spec sheets I probably got less than half a page of technical info on their new AMS architecture(they sent me a bunch of PDFs, but of everything only a couple paragraphs was useful).

Given how "big" the V-MAX seems to be it sounds like you guys could come up with a 50 page PDF of docs and diagrams on the architecture. Looking around the EMC site I didn't see anything like that. There is a reference architecture pdf but that doesn't seem to have what I'd be interested in. The data sheet has some stuff but not too much.

[1] http://www.3par.com/SiteObjects/BFB80EC1AF8563E6A53F63DBB383B19E/3PAR-ar-wp-08.1.pdf

[2] http://www.bluearc.com/html/library/downloads/ba_arch_wp.pdf

Chuck Hollis

Hi Nate -- yep, I'm the same way -- I like nice thick tech docs that explain architecture and theory of operation.

Next week, I'll look around to see if there is one, or if one is being developed.

In the meantime, here's similar taste:


Not exactly what you're looking for, but interesting nonetheless.

-- Chuck

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