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February 18, 2009


John Webster

Chuck; Agreed. Thinking here however is that Cisco will need more infrastructure stuff to really make Data Center 3.0 and beyond (i.e Data Center 4.0, 5.0…) a serious effort that could actually succeed, as opposed to one that just makes IBM, HP, and Sun grind their teeth. Cisco will need server and storage virtualization, systems management apps, and security for sure, and would also profit from content management software and, ah yes, storage.

We hear that Mr. Chambers is making Data Center 3.0 sales calls at the CEO/CIO level. I for one would bet that he’s very effective during these sessions. The question is: will the operations people that buy servers, storage, etc. go along with the Data Center 3.0 vision? I doubt that the network folks will be buying servers any time soon. So I think Mr. Chambers understands that to sell this vision and make it stick, he has to call at the highest levels of the enterprise and hope the Data Center 3.0 fairy dust trickles down so to speak. We think he bolsters his case when he can also weave Cisco-branded servers, storage, systems management, and Virtualization (that's big-V virtualization), into the fabric of the vision.

So clearly, EMC is a prime partner. You have everything else they need to make Data Center 3.0 a Cisco reality. But, what makes EMC a great Cisco partner, also makes EMC an interesting acquisition for Cisco. Hence, the embers of that old Cisco-buys-EMC rumor occasionally glow white hot as in now maybe?.


As someone who has been involved with x86 servers for a long time I welcome what Cisco is doing.

None of the other vendors mentioned (and there's another one based in TX you didn't mention) have been able to grasp the idea that the is going to simply be a box with compute power. They are still stuck in a 1990s mindset of "this widget makes my server better than yours." The playing field has changed dramatically in the last few years thanks to what VMWare has done and Cisco's rumored decision is a logical next step for them and anyone in the virtualization space.

Chuck Hollis

You're spot on as always, John ...

It's going to be interesting to see how Cisco constructs their ecosystem of partners as they move into this space, isn't it?

-- Chuck

Chuck Hollis

Chris -- agreed!

Every industry needs a good disruption every so often, and this might be the server vendors' turn.

We'll see, won't we?

-- Chuck

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