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February 18, 2009


Tom Bittman

Chuck, excellent post. You know what I think. Great contribution to the discussion!

In the end, we need to be realists. If we could all start over, we would design very different architectures. We can't. Evolution is messier. And when we're talking about IT, evolution is central.

The basic question is going to be - what is the most efficient and effective path for any given enterprise to leverage the cloud? For some companies (especially smaller), that will mean a "big switch". For others it will be a surgical switch, a hybrid switch, and an evolution. There are more variables occurring in this high-tech IT world that will continue to unbalance the equation. IT is not a fixed-price, fixed-function commodity - and services will also emerge, evolve, disappear.

Chuck Hollis

Hi Tom -- thanks for leading this discussion thread, and for dropping by.

I, like you, am far too pragmatic to imagine any "do over" when it comes to enterprise IT architectures, hence my philosophical disagreement with the cloud purists.

At the end of the day, what matters is what works, regardless of what label we decide to slap on it.

Thanks again!

-- Chuck

Christofer Hoff


A Great post yet again. I gave in and added my $0.02 with what I hope is a reasonably balanced view but with the thought that perhaps all of us who are commenting on the RAD Lab paper, weren't actually the intended audience in the first place...

If you've got a spare cycle or two, let me know what you think:




Chuck Hollis

Hoff -- I saw your material, and you made an excellent point, e.g. consider the intended audience. And, taken that way, it's pretty good!

The problem arises in the enterprise IT space, where everyone is looking for a little direction these days.

Thanks for taking the time to comment!

BTW -- check out Hoff's blog -- a man after my own heart!

-- Chuck


When I mentioned interoperability, walled gardens and accessibility back in 2008 (in Melbourne in a large'ish boardroom of a larg'ish Telco) I never thought I'd build this: http://tr.im/gEMO

It hopefully will make you smile -> as I do actually support abstraction and virtualisation, just when and how appropriate, as per your blog post....

Keep up the good work!

Chuck Hollis

Too funny!! Thanks for sharing!!

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