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December 15, 2008


Stephen Foskett

Wow, Chuck, that's some quick bunking and debunking there! The Centera, HDS, and NetApp news just hit the wire today! Not leaving a lot of time for rumors to start, are you?

Chuck Hollis

Nope -- working hard to stay ahead of the Twitter crowd :-)


"... but anyone reading this actually manage their storage farm with SMI-S?"

So, Chuck are you saying that Control Center doesn't use SMI-S, or that it doesn't manage storage farms? ;-)

Chuck Hollis

Nothing like a snarky blog comment to start the day ...

ControlCenter both uses SMI-S, and manages storage farms, smartypants. ControlCenter's knowledge of storage arrays (and how they're actually used) is a superset of SMI-S functionality.

I would state that no one can effectively manage a substantial storage farm and stay within the bounds of SMI-S.

But you knew that, didn't you?

-- Chuck

Alex McDonald


Our customers can buy, right now, the Cisco Nexus 5020 FCoE switch. It’s been available from NetApp since November. The target FCoE card (on the array side) has been available since early December.

And next week (things don’t stop for holidays round here!) we’ll have host configurations qualified with the QLogic and Emulex FCoE network adapters.

Remind me, what was that stuff you were saying about NetApp, FCoE and year end again?

Chuck Hollis

Sorry, Alex -- didn't know that you had GA'd the target side FCoE for your arrays -- didn't see any announcement to that effect.

Now, let's see if you finish the Qlogic and Emulex quals by the end of the year :-)

If you make it, congratulations on meeting your commitments!

Have a great holiday season!

-- Chuck



I love the blog and articles, and now to answer your question. I'll buy an IOMega drive when they have the logo of the best team in the AFC.......

The Tennessee Titans.


Happy Holidays chuck!


Chuck Hollis

Yep, the Titans are red hot this season.

But -- the real question -- can they turn it into a dynasty?



care to comment on the SourceLabs acquisition or how does it fit within your bigger picture?

Oh, MX & HNY

Chuck Hollis

Frankly speaking, there's not much to comment on.

From my perspective, it's pretty easy: great tools and technologies, great people, fits nicely into our newest "cloud" division.

I don't know if people know this, but EMC makes small acquisitions like this pretty routinely, especially when we're building a new business. Some get picked up by the community, some don't. This one did.

Oh, BTW, MX and HNY 2U2.

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