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November 14, 2008


Alex McDonald

Outreach; an excellent point Chuck.

NetApp are on it and have been for some time. http://blogs.netapp.com/shadeofblue/2008/11/squeeze-until-t.html

Mike Hammer

Hi Chuck

I'm a regular reader of your blog, and I wondered when the FUD against Sun will start, now that they have some really interesting offerings. Didn't take long at all...

So much I can tell you. We will be looking into Sun's new offering, as we want to get rid of your overpriced storage (and Netapp's too!).

As a long time Solaris/ZFS user, I think Sun has a killer-product out, now that non-Unix people can benefit from its features.

It seems to me that Sun has arrived in the 21st century, while you are still messing with 20th century technology and trying to glue new features on it, for what it wasn't designed.

Good luck selling your products, when budgets are tight. And even if they aren't, a lower price tag is always nice.


Chuck Hollis

Hi Mike

This post wasn't intended as Sun-bashing. Other posts, maybe, but not this one.

In the world I live in, a ~20% layoff coupled with no viable business model isn't exactly a positive thing for long-term survival. And, as we all know, Sun hasn't exactly been thriving before the downturn, either.

Let me know how do with the do-it-yourself approach, and what sort of pushback you get from the grownups at your company over your intentions.


Mika Hammer

"do-it-yourself approach"

I think, you didn't take a look at Sun's new offering at all. There is no do-it-yourself approach at all.

"pushback you get from the grownups"

The grownups in my company are always open for saving money.

And certainly, if they get more features without paying additional license fees (e.g. Analytics, no volume based replication, NFS, iSCSI, unlimited snapshots etc.). And last but not least, an interface that also grownups can use...

Customer Storage Expert

I agree with Mike about one thing - Sun has moved into the 21st century.

The answer to your question, "Do Tough Economic Times Accelerate Change?" No.

Tough economic times will cause people to question everything. While everything is questioned discretionary spendign halts. The change will not occur until 12 - 18 months after the questions are answered regardless of the macroeconomic model we find ourselves in.

Blaine Berger
Mike Hammer

Reduction of 7% of EMC's workforce is also quite a lot.

So much to your comments in November....

Chuck Hollis

Mike -- yes, it is, isnt' it?

-- Chuck

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