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November 17, 2008


Martin G

I see a lot of the pieces but I see a missing piece at the moment. True, I generate a lot of data at home and store a huge amount and I'd love to offsite it all but at least here in the UK, I'm somewhat bandwidth constrained. I've only got 10 Mbit in and about 1 Mbit out (blimey, I remember when 64k was loads). So when are EMC going to lay fibre to the world? So have EMC anything which is going to help there?

Chuck Hollis

Hi Martin

My heart goes out to you.

I've got Verizon FiOS at home (an effective 7.2MB/sec in and out (that bytes, not bits). It changes how you use the network in a very subtle but profound manner. And, anytime they want to upgrade me to 20MB, I'll seriously consider it.

When I have to use more normal bandwidth (say, on the road), it really has become a pain -- I find myself having to work differently: drink more coffee, multitask more -- I need the network to keep up with my brain.

Today, the only thing we can offer you is local caching (via Iomega) and dedupe for backup. But, given your technical bent, I bet you and I both realize that far more is possible, isn't it?


Blaine Berger

It's interesting that EMC sees Mozy mostly as the play for the digital consumer market. We've got a subset of business customers interested in Mozy for other reasons and the pilots are going well. It's an easy sell because Mozy lets you "multi-tennant" the customers including the ability to designate a storage administrator to manage their own machines.

Looking forward to Decho and hoping that the business aspect of Mozy continues to garner continued attention as well. I realize that Cloud-based computing is en fuego but Mozy also solves a pain point beyond the consumer market.

marc farley

Looks cool enough - will there be a free level of service and if there is, can I resell it to Alex M?

Chuck Hollis

Blaine -- absolutely right!

Digital consumers live in workplaces as well, don't they? And you're right, Mozy solves some of the same needs in the corporate world that it solves at home.

It's part of the gameplan, I just neglected to talk about it in my post -- thanks for pointing out my omission!

-- Chuck

Chuck Hollis

Marc -- LOL!

Yes, there is a free level of service, or at least there was at one time. I think it's still there, haven't checked.

But the idea of charging for something that's essentially free -- there's a strange, brilliant logic in that. Because, as we all know, people tend to assume that "free" means low quality, or a marketing ploy, or similar.


Lisa Badalamenti

I see a lot of the pieces but I see a missing piece at the moment. True, I generate a lot of data at home and store a huge amount and I'd love to offsite it all but at least here in the UK, I'm somewhat bandwidth constrained.

Sudhir Brahma

I found it rather difficult to resist responding to this one and the general discussions on Cloud computing (aka thin client's new avatar as I see it).
To me, EMC’s offerings appears to be inching closer to a "who will bell the cat" kind of a problem when it comes to finding buyers/data-centres willing to make that kind of investment with just one company. In general, most investments tend to be staged, split across various products and grow with the market requirements. It will be interesting to know how EMC’s marketing folks have figured that one out. Most buyers are indeed averse to putting “all eggs in one basket” so to say…they want to encourage competition right in their back-yard.
As a user, I will love to have a cloud computing kind of environment at home- putting on the computer will be much like putting on the TV that has a mouse and a keyboard attached! …None of the worries of power or disk failures to bother about.
In general, I feel that getting the basic infrastructure to enable such possibilities could take a front seat. The last mile access is probably the weakest link today. The grand applications that run within such devices are good but we don’t want their species to wither away simply because there were not enough users.

Steve Baker

I would like to be able to access my individual files from anywhere and treat the cloud copy as the master copy.
1. Does Mozy permit the user to see his folders and files and access files individually from the cloud storage or does the cloud component serve only as a backed up bundel of all designated folders and files?
2. Does Mozy use Amazon S3 or an equivalent multi-location high redundancy backup arrangement for maximum safety?

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