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October 31, 2008


Martin G

I kind of wish that EMC would concentrate on making ECC work properly; make it scale, reliable, produce the reports I need without engaging EMC PS etc. Make what you've got work first please! Give us the rewrite which has been promised so often and then move onto doing server management. If any of my server colleagues ask whether taking a tool from EMC to manage their servers is a good idea, I'm afraid that the answer would not be positive today. Sorry to be so harsh but if you heard some of conversations I've had over the past few days...

Stuart S

EMC have been trying to play in the "management space" for some time, and IMHO have not managed to get mangement of their own core product set right(read storage products) before they go chasing after other products to manage. Please please get your own house in order and get the basics right before trying to intergrate every other piece of infrastruture

To be more exact, and talking about a specific product - ECC, it has such an extremely poor name in enterprise infrastructures, does not scale, does not manage storage effectively and in lots of cases requires dedicated staff to manage the management product (that just reads plain wrong doesnt it...)

That being said, there are a number of core products that EMC own (SMARTS ADM etc) that could give fantastic holistic views, and if they could be tied together (with a light / easy to use application) - good stuff!

I do agree with the article in general, and a holistic view into infrastructure is the way forwards (especially in the new shiny virtualised world), however I refer back to my top comment - please lets get the basics right first, and be able to manage them in a manner that is both scalable and managable (i.e you dont have to be resource intensive to manage the management layer).

- Basic Element managers
- Tie them together with a "light" management layer (Technology specific - i.e. storage)
- Wrap a manger of mangers over the top for holistic view

please please please fix ECC and DO NOT TRY AND BOIL THE OCEAN...

Chuck Hollis

Thanks, Stuart, message received LOUD AND CLEAR.

I do a fair amount of interaction with the group at EMC who does management products, and I would offer that they share many of your views and perspectives.

The best part? They're making the investments required to do exactly what you suggest. Unfortunately, it's taking a bit longer than anyone would like.

Thanks for commenting!

Calvin Zito


Since you misrepresented my "petulant taunt", I'll repeat it here. I didn't say EMC was claiming leadership with your new server management software. I said I find it ironic that you’re making some weak arguments why server/storage vendors don't make good storage vendors while EMC is trying to become more than a storage-only vendor by announcing server management software.

I pointed out the hypocrisy of your arguements. Maybe you should spend more time fixing ECC and less on self-serving attacks.

Have a good weekend - the Petulant One.

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