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September 05, 2008



Chuck, I agree IDC on the SAN market. It really feels that EMC leads the SAN market.

In terms on NAS and iSCSI, the customer's mindshare is with NetApp. What IDC counts is just the licenses sold by vendors and declares a final statement.

Most customers who have a EMC SAN nowadays have a EMC NAS. But does EMC has NAS alone customers? Hardly a handful.
Buy a DMX and you get a NAS free!

The same goes with iSCSI market. I heard that the EMC CAS is counted as NAS by IDC.

On the otherhand at SAN market EMC had a fantastic run. They kept the marketing the right solutions and leveraged their softwares well. This kept them ahead of the other SAN vendors.

IDC - Not sure how they really count.

The customer mindshare results will be

Enterprise SAN - EMC, HDS, IBM
Midrange SAN - EMC, NetApp, HP
Enterprise NAS - NetApp, EMC
Midrange NAS - NetApp, EMC
ISCSI - NetApp, EMC, Dell (EqualLogic)

Dell is just lucky to be mentioned in the IDC statistics.

IDC -Interesting Disk Commitee.

Chuck Hollis


Some clarification -- IDC counts revenue (not licenses) for their segments. EMC, like many vendors, don't give them official numbers, they deduce on their own, and -- hsitorically -- have been pretty accurate.

We could debate the relative merits of mindshare vs. actual revenue. I would offer that actual revenue is probably a more indicative measure of relative success in the long term.

EMC has many, many NAS customers who use our NAS products alone. Actually, there are no "pure NAS" products at EMC, every NAS device is effect a unified storage device, providing support for iSCSI and FC as well, making counting and categorization more problematic.

Most of our stand-alone NAS customers are using the integrated NS20, NS40 and (hopefully) the new NX4. These are primarily not the largest shops.

When you buy a DMX, you don't get a NAS for free, unfortunately. The DMX (and CX) can have a portion carved off for NAS usage, but that's a separate product -- a gateway.

Dell is a force to be reckoned with -- with the EQL acquistion (and other iSCSI products from EMC), they are the clear iSCSI leader by quite a margin. I would not write them off.

I do believe that IDC counts Centera as NAS. But, even if you backed out those numbers, the rankings would be identical, just a slightly more narrowed revenue lead for EMC in NAS.

Thanks for writing!

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