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September 10, 2008


Rob Robinson

Chuck - thanks for the insightful post - and I very much agree with your synopsis. Based on your experience - do you see any parallel's and potential synergies of this standards work and the work done in the Storage Area Networking arena earlier in the decade with SNIA (i.e. CIM/WBEM-SMI-S)?


marc farley

I'm glad to see it Chuck. A lot of resources are wasted when every vendor re-engineers its own unique methods. For example, look at the wasted, redundant development resources used by the backup industry to create proprietary metadata systems.

As you mentioned in your post the other day about IBM and investment levels, there are still many areas in the storage industry that need large investments. Standards like this promise to make much more efficient use of those investment dollars.

Michael Kilian

Whither XAM?

Helena Starc

Thanks for the informative post, Chuck. For those interested in further info on CMIS, including the full specs, audio & video, discussion and supporting documents, please view the Labs community at http://community.emc.com/community/labs/cmis

Toby Ward

Nice post Chuck, thanks. I've blogged it and linked you on IntranetBlog.com (link: http://intranetblog.blogware.com/blog/_archives/2008/9/25/3900479.html).

Cheers, Toby

du hoc uc

Nice post Chuck, thanks. I've blogged it and linked you on IntranetBlog.com

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