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September 22, 2008


Rich Hoeg

Keep on truckin down the old blogging road. As one corporate blogger to another, you should visit DeFrag in Denver in early November. Continue to try and get out of your comfort zone! Cheers.

David Spencer

Congratulations on two prolific years! It's always good to read your latest news and insights. You're one of the core trailblazers for us at EMC and we really appreciate what you do! The 'net is a more interesting place for your presence, and that's an accomplishment.

Chuck Hollis

Thank you for the kind words, David!


Chuck - keep up the good work.
I enjoy your thoughts when I concur and I enjoy them even more when I don't ! :)

Martin G

Congratulations Chuck, us in userland appreciate all the vendors who blog. It enlightens us, amuses us and sometimes helps us remember that the vendors might actually also be human beings.

David F

Chuck - your blog made a top 10 list yesterday...

marc farley

Chuck, I disagree!

ginevra - TypePad Community Manager

congrats on your blogiversary! :)

Tony Pearson (IBM)

Happy Blogoversary, again! I couldn't agree more on your thoughts on blogging, and the importance of strong industry voices.
-- Tony

W. Curtis Preston


Congratulations on your anniversary. Your blogging is generally well thought out and often offers some interesting insights.

I do think that your objectivity does disappear a bit when you start talking about NetApp. There's just something about that company that always always driving EMC folks wild.

In the middle of this post, you felt the need to once again state that you just know you're right about the NetApp utilization thing. Every NetApp customer and NetApp-savvy consultant that I have talked to about the issue knows that they're not hiding anything, and KNOWS FOR A FACT that the 100% snap-reserve thing is a bad documentation issue and nothing more.

But you just can't seem to let it go, mentioning that you are still right in no less than five separate blog posts, despite numerous posts from customers and experts to the contrary.

Chuck Hollis

Yes, Curtis, you're right. I have an issue with those guys that transcends mere competitiveness. I should do better.

And, isn't it funny, every time I bring it up, you feel obligated to point it out? You should do better as well.

Since my affiliations and biases are somewhat obvious, I feel obligated to ask -- and please don't be offended -- is there any business relationship between your company and NetApp of some sort?

-- Cheers!

W. Curtis Preston

I point it out only because I continue to think that you're not being fair on this issue. How could I "do better?" Ignore the fact that I believe that you're being unfair and NOT comment when you keep bringing it up? I'll stop commenting and saying you're being unfair on this issue when you stop posting that you're NOT being unfair on this issue.

As to business relationships, that's funny. No, I'm not offended. I'm used to having my allegiances questioned when I'm stating something good about a vendor. It's GOT to be because I'm being paid off, right?

My employer is an independent professional services firm specializing in IT infrastructure. We do not resell anyone's hardware or software. In addition to a significant amount of direct work, we also do subcontracted consulting work for just about every storage vendor on the planet, but we do FAR more work for EMC & VMware than we do for NetApp -- and I mean FAR more. (We also do a significant amount of subcontracted work for another vendor that you mentioned negatively in a blog post, but I didn't defend them because I thought your comments were even handed and correct.)

So, if my comments were motivated by any sort of company relationship, I wouldn't have posted at all, for fear that I would offend someone at EMC.

Chuck Hollis

So, Curtis, we have a legitimate difference of opinion on "fairness", don't we?

I have stated my beliefs, and the reasons for them. I consider it my right as the blog author to express my opinions, which I do.

You have stated your beliefs and the reasons for them. I consider it your right, as a reader, to express your opinions via comments, which you do.

We can agree to disagree, can't we?

Or is that not an acceptable outcome for you?

-- Chuck

W. Curtis Preston

I am perfectly fine with agreeing to disagree. Our vantage points are very different and therefore our opinions will be as well.

But... If you post on another blog entry saying "I'm still right about NetApp's disk utilization," don't be surprised if I reply "No you're not!" ;)

And, while I still disagree with your censoring that OTHER guy's comments, I do appreciate that you've allowed mine to go through.

Chuck Hollis

Oh, BTW Curtis ...

I have no problem with people disagreeing with me.

I have a real problem who go out of their way to be intentionally disagreeable.

Hence why all comments (other than Viagra spam) make it through, except a certain individual who's in a temporary time out ... but I'll let him through if he promises only a small modicum of civility.

-- Chuck

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