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May 21, 2008



Someone still has to provide the connections to the outside services.

IT service delivery on site or on the wire?

Still has to be managed by some department.

So yes the role of IT changes a lot and very fast unless IT thinks of itself as a service.

Juan Jose Palacios

There's undoubtably a clear evolution to a model based in the exposed principles for future IT services.

We could just examine what has happened in the past couple of decades and find out where's it pointing out.

End users have been increasingly empowered in their desktops, personal productivity tools are common everywhere. You don't need IT staff to build an excel worksheet using advanced and sofisticated features with data extracted from legacy systems. The output is frequently outstanding.

Developers are, year by year, pushed away from coding and concentrating on business knowledge. Well, what's more difficult now, acquire this business experience in a highly complex world or learn to use a powerful and friendly environment?. We'll see where this trend leads us.

Lights-out environments have been in place in the market for quite a few years now. We can have unattended services based on virtualized HA infrastructure and self-services in many help desks to match user needs at the desktop.

Where's this road possibly leading us?.
We'll see in not many years a CTO whose office will be at his mobile phone, his main concern will be business, not IT.

He might even not know what his systems look like.

Thanks for the chance to write my thoughts.

Juan Jose Palacios
General Manager
Optima Technologies
Sevilla (Spain)

Chuck Hollis

JJP -- all good thoughts.

You and I would have an extremely interesting conversation if we were to ever meet!

Thanks for sharing!

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Chuck Hollis

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