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April 08, 2008


Scott Quick

Great series of posts Chuck... and kudos to EMC for the information ticker concept. It's a simply brilliant metaphor for communicating the impact of information overload - across all disciplines and corporate strata.
Scott Quick, Principal
The Catalyst Group

Joshua Konkle

Hi Chuck

I stumbled upon your ramblings this morning. Interesting take on /information/. At first glance this all /sounds/ great.

In the last month I spoke to your company about the grand paradigm for the "information economy" and the best it offers is a tangent to reality.

EMC potential to create any imminent GUT/TOE as it relates to actually handling unstructured content as a by product of non-deliberate processes - remains nebulous at best.

I appreciate you and your team helping you write all the information contained above, but the proof is in your companies execution. In the world where I live, EMC has been no part of a much needed "lyceumic enlightenment" period where physical storage meets data and data meets information.

Two cases in point...

EMC content archiving calls back to explain solution frameworks


EMC content archiving group still talks about possibility, not reality


Chuck Hollis

Hi Joshua

I think you're trying to make a point, I'm not quite sure what the point might be, though.

I'm guessing that your observation is that we should be doing more, doing it faster, doing it better, etc. All fair observations -- but I'm wondering if there's something more specific you're after.

Two minor points:

1 -- I can't find any definition for "lyceumic" in any of the standard online sources. Neat word, though.

2 -- All the posts here are 100% my own work, warts and all. There is no "staff" ;-)


Joshua Konkle

Hi Chuck

I was mimicking the style that you, and the marketing team that writes your blog, have written in.

As words are concerned, I figured if you could pull "preiminary" from the abyss that is your Ad libitum Support System, then I was free to jargon'ize Lyceum. Given the context is Information, Lyceum fits.

I will settle for "doing it" as opposed to the "better" and "faster" components. At this point, the only thing I have experienced from EMC is more of the same.

Using one word, not ad lib'ing, to sum up EMCs activity around /information/ it would be "imbroglio."


Chuck Hollis

Hi Josh

Two thoughts (again).

First, nobody writes in this blog but me. Ask anyone. It's all my own work, no reviews, no staff, no committees, etc. Warts and all.

Second, you're a really hard guy to follow. I think you're trying to make an important point, but I just don't know what you're trying to say.

Want to try again?

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