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January 14, 2008


shaun noll

awesome chuck! although these have been around for awhile i've been waiting for a big, quality name to start driving implementation!

would you mind letting us know whose flash memory/controller EMC will be using? is it sandisk, micron, STEC, samsung etc...?

if you dont tell me you'll force me to go buy one and tear it down! ;)


The 30X IOPS increase is fantastic.
Please tell me that the price per GB is not also 30X.

What's the MTBF ? On one hand, I'd like to think that a solid state device is going to be more reliable than an semi-mechanical fast-spinning piece of brown stuff. On the other hand, filament lightbulbs aren't exactly built to last.

Chuck Hollis

The press release said it was STEC, they issued a press release this morning. I don't think you'll find the specific EMC build generically available, though.

Chuck Hollis

I'm not sure of the exact pricing, but I'm sure it won't be exactly cheap, either. I am confident that the costs will decline dramatically with volume, sooner than most might expect.

As far as MTBF, again, I need to do some research, and I'll come back to you.

Barry Whyte

I'm interested that you only claim 30x performance. One of these drives will sustain 50,000 read IO/s and 19,000 write IO/s.

Given that a standard drive will do 350 if you are lucky, I make that 142x on reads, and 54x on writes. OK thats at the specific 4K range, and as the transfer size increases, the IO/s reduces. Maybe the 30x is the impact that DMX has on reducing their capability?

STEC provide a 5 year guarantee on these.

As per a previous post on my blog, I've been playing around with these for some time.

However my question is more, how many of these can you actually sustain in a DMX? 10, 15? Thats a pretty big datacentrer footprint for just over 1TB of capacity.

Anyway, be interested to know who many you can support (not how many you will sell to customers) per DMX.

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