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February 21, 2009


David Spencer

Your last point is the most powerful, Chuck. At EMC we didn't tell people where to go, what to play with or what not to play with.

We have smart, social people who feel empowered to represent our brand and themselves at the same time all over the place, and the payoff is nearly automatic.

There are certainly other approaches to take, but I really enjoy the organic growth that our approach has led to.


I see Twitter and other platforms like it taking over the conversation from sites like Facebook, Myspace etc. from a corporate perspective. There are a lot of applications, customer service, recruiting, brainstorming and brand management. I see a lot of my clients are becoming more interested in tools like Twitter. Great article thanks!

The Virtual Consulting Firm

Great Article, Chuck! :)
Thank you for writing and sharing this with all of us! :)

So ...

How do we get the Corporations to understand all of this?

... that they *need* to get on board with Twitter and the whole Social Media Marketing / Social Networking wave, as now "main stream" ...

How might we all work together to get these points through to them?

What do you all think?

Thank you again for the Good Article, Chuck, and Everyone Have a Great Day! :)


This post highlights readiness to take a potentially different approach to each site, in order to be fully engaged and get the most out of it. It's easy to lose sight of that fact. Thanks.

Brian Drake

I understand the value of Yammer for internal conversations and we do have some folks that use it. What is interesting is that not many people use it. Most use Twitter. I think there are 2 reasons. First, as you indicate, there's more volume of activity and relevant content on Twitter. The audience is bigger and therefore so is the impact. Second, we use e-mail for *everything*. So if there are internal conversations, they take place in a point-to-point venue. Yammer at least exposes those conversations. However, with e-mail as a competitor for the internal dialogue, it continues to be hard to move people toward Yammer.

Jonathan Broskey

I have been using Twitter since it first started and I like it.. I blog a lot and this give me a chance to really get my ideas thoughts, rants and other things out to the public. I've been social networking for years..oh and I am following Mr. Hollis on his twitter journey... It's always intriguing to me to see what people are doing or thinking at any given moment. Even more on the social networking you have the ability to link facebook, your blog and twitter account all together, so now you say something on twitter or your blog and it populates everywhere.. Great article; see all you twitter'ers out there!!!

Jesse Wilkins

So Chuck...what is your Twitter handle? :)

Chuck Hollis

Ooops -- it's @chuckhollis

Still learning the protocol here ...

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