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February 23, 2009



To your first question:
In this space it is easy to track if something is useful at all. You don't like, you don't come back. Actually quantifying value users is rather nebulous; I'd love to know what and how to measure. But it's that intangible benefit that's key; the insight might help directly in a particular case, or indirectly by triggering another thought process/idea storm. And good insight, like good conversation, is an enjoyable exchange, where the end result is greater than the sum of its parts. The old braincells like to be teased once in a while.

To your second question:
Much has been said about customers who will find a way to talk about you regardless, so you might as well join the conversation and host it on home ground. And yet, there are organizations that can get away with not engaging in social media. I wouldn't want to see my Swiss banker (um, if I had one) engaging in this model. Defense is another industry that comes to mind.
Certain industries will lead the way, IT surely being one of them. There must be studies on early adoption of social media by industry...Perseverence and success, of course, depend on personality not industry so the subset will be a different picture.

Anne Marie McEwan

"But I'm wondering -- how useful are our insights to others?"

I can only speak for myself - hugely useful. I have been working with and monitoring busineses for the past 14 years(small, large, domestic and international), as they transform their business processes and working practices.

I read your blog and map your story onto what I know happens in practice in other companies. I look for patterns and principles; of course there is no one best way.

What I love about your blog is the story it tells, its candidness (not flinching from reporting resistance) and your awareness that this is your company's story - others may experience similar things but every journey is unique.

I would urge you to write a book. I would buy it :-))

Rachel Happe

I think doing some sort of write up on this would be fabulous.

I am thinking about doing a series of eBooks (or book) organized by the following elements:
* Strategy
* Leadership
* Culture
* Community Management
* Content & Programming
* Policies & Governance
* Tools

Would be very interested in collaborating if you have any interest.


I have a question. If you have already addressed this elsewhere, I apologize! If other readers have a view, please chime in.

The recession may make organizations focus on concrete measurable results, to demonstrate ROI and justify budgets.

This would be a step backward, and social media is here to stay. But in your view how big an impact - if any - will there be?

Chuck Hollis

Not every organization is the same.

Many organizations are trying to figure out how to improve productivity, raise morale and increase job satisfaction.

That's a different kind of ROI, but just as important in tough times.

Does this help?

-- Chuck


Yes, thanks for reply.


Hi Chuck,

We're about to embark on the first steps you took way back when you first adopted Clearspace at EMC.

Your blog has almost become required reading for our team. So please keep writing those posts and also I think a book would make good reading. I'd certainly buy it.


Authority Networker

Most people today aren’t very receptive on being ’sold’ on something. They are tired of this method for business, and a new method is now available that will make everything easier and natural…it's called attraction marketing and social media taps into this concept. Social media marketing lets you build relationships with your targeted audience and provides you with qualified free mlm leads and guaranteed mlm signups for your network marketing online business, thus exploding your downline growth.

Cindy Shannon

I don't think that the 1.0 world can directly transition to the 2.0. It's not as simple as that. It is a different world view. And Gen Y is almost part of a wired collective mind. Interesting days, but I would hate to be a network marketing guy for the big TV networks, or anyone else trying to take advantage of this. But, like the comment above me says, there are definately markets for people willing to work in a different way. I am working to take mlm social as well. So far with good results. But then, it is kind of a perfect fit. Social Media and social sales.

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