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October 16, 2008



Hi Chuck,

I've been following your blog for a number of months and I've enjoyed every post you have here.

So you're going with #2 huh?

Permit me to add my 2 cents: Fundamentally changing someone's thinking is like slamming your head into the floor until you drop dead. Instead the opposite needs to occur - you and the team need to change your thinking.

External communities build themselves naturally. The internal team needs only to focus on two things - contextual organizing and content facilitating.

Contextual organizing is the creation of subcommunities - in EMC's case I am betting that would be product line. (This in fact would eliminate or almost eliminate any worry of creating multiple failures)

Content facilitation is all about making the tools available to the external community - your clients and partners so that they can create the content easily and with intuitive, transparent technology (Clearspace).

This is done through widget choices, choice of displays (My View)and a library of media comprising of product, research, and support so that each external member can customize their experience.

What I think you will find is that the Community that you want will build itself naturally. Not from an internal perspective but through active participation from external members and partners.

From this, EMC will be able to enjoy innovation that has never been fully realized as a result of only internal thought.

It's hard because the company - EMC - or any other company will eventually realize that they have to give up the brand.

Once the brand is given up, innovation will explode, revenues will increase dramatically, and cost savings will be realized on both the technology and business sides of EMC.

In fact the brand will only increase in strength. It's kind of like Aikido - you have to go with it to unleash the power.

Call me crazy but that's exactly how I am approaching it from the company I am building. You'll see my website listed here and when you get there you'll see that it's not up yet - but the tag line says it all.

Thanks again for all the great posts. Look forward to more.


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